[COMBINED THREAD] Homestuck FM - New Session - Town and PM wins!

Yes, a scum just died. I know.

[quote="[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10] Ongoing, post:1568, topic:82701"]
|Leafia|an_gorta_pratai, ash4fun, Centuries, mathmods, Zone_Q11|5/5

Leafia died?

@clonedcheese That votecount is a moderror


wait what

Triple vote.

It’s saying I had three votes on mathmods

What’s your role?

Thread 2 Day 1 VC has been corrected to:

Voted Voters Votes
Leafia an_gorta_pratai, ash4fun, Centuries, mathmods, Zone_Q11 5/5
mathmods KyoDaz 1/5
Zone_Q11 fourfourfourfour 1/5
ash4fun leafia 1/5


I’ve claimed my role

I’m a Town Vigilante/Redirector/[negative utility passive]

You have 3 dayvigs? Well, assuming you’re not scum making a crazy play, Simon would have to be scum in order for us to win.

I’ve got infinite dayvigs

clonedcheese, you and I are going to have a long talk about game balance after this if this is true.

I know
I thought I was an NK when I looked at my classcard, not gonna lie
I had to double check that town wasn’t NK faction

You are not bleeding, are you?

I haven’t been notified of being bleeding

Also considering you’re Town
We now know that their factional can range across threads
I redirected Centuries to himself N2

No wait no I didn’t
I redirected ASh
I’ve actually forgotten one moment

You don’t know how close I was to vigging Centuries D1

It is OK, I bled him D1. Time to backread HammerMan.