[COMBINED THREAD] Homestuck FM - New Session - Town and PM wins!

OK. Why redirect Ash to himself when he killed oB_L1ght?

I am unaware of how PokemonKidRyan is mech confirmed.

I thought Ash was looking to distance. Strife is only a 15% chance.
And that lynch on Zone was incredibly poorly handled (I actually agreed with HammerMan in Thread 2 when he said this)
Ash had a redcheck on Zone but wanted to vote me for lying about him having lynchproof, which would make Zone lynchable as their redcheck so… ???

Three votes on me and posted in thread afterwords.
If he was scum he could’ve hammered me and won

PKR is at worst NK (alongside myself) thanks to LYLO logic
And if he’s NK we can’t afford to lynch him because it’s MYLO which would give mafia a win

A lot of saying to execute PokemonKidRyan here.

NK is dead.

I know that; but I’m not denying the possibility two exist
But he’s still not dying today so it’s whatever

If 2 exist I’m going to hunt down clonedcheese’s consultant, his consultant’s consultant, and publicly execute them both.

Also do not claim speculation as fact.

You sound like you want to talk to clonedcheese’s manager

I will execute her too if I have to.

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What is your current stance on Simon.

What have Mist/Appel/Simon claimed

They have not.

We’re actually in autowin if people aren’t stupid

and PKR isn’t NK

Oh no wait no
Simon isn’t confirmed mafia

If we correctly jettison here we’re in autowin because I can clear someone by redirecting them to themselves and therefore they can’t do the nightkill

If KyoDaz is not scum, then I suspect that it is Simon and Mist1422.