Cookie Thread v3.0 - Random poster before post 5000 gets a cookie


guarding the outed Prince printer go brrrrrrr

wow I got 4 brilders

what an incredibly fun and interactive experience


aim for 2 weeks

Actually, why not.
Ping me if you do go through with that.


tfw roll a 3 for a stat

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Barbarian with 3 str?

That’s why Merc is my least fun neutral, yes.

imagine being stuck in a class and being unable to multiclass out


Hey, how does one get a personal title? (The thing next to your names?)

u have to climb the mountain of niceness and reach out to one of the mods there, and like ask real nicely


There is a patreon level for it

…welp. I am notorious for being toxic. I will immediately give up.
Nice things are for nice people. Not for me.

…oh. You’re right. Tier II+.
…yeah, I am not planning on doing that.
I guess I am good with Enthusiast.

hi hello

possessor is a bullshit role

I was there at threadlock but was reading up from this morning lol

Why do you think so? :eyes:
Jumping into others is really fun, I think it’s the favorite NK of most players

…i was having fun with phys, healed correctly 2 nights in a row

then got fucking possessed and they proceeded to win game

I mean… you got killed. That happens :eyes: why is getting possessed more problematic than getting killed by other classes?

Possessor is ironically really good if you land yourself in a good spot in your starter body (i.e. strong fakeclaim + being convincing) and don’t have to jump at all.
I find it easier to powerwolf as a Possessor claiming Hunter, but it’s risky. The upside is that you rarely get asked to wolf someone if you are active and lead the court – alternatively, you can claim Assassin’s bleeds if they are on nonclaimers.
Even better if you get bled yourself (since you are a court leader) and get healed, just ride that free cred.

Alternatively, claiming faction-specific Investigative (especially in Unseen games) is great too, since you can find MM at night.
A bit trickier in Cult games, but if you scumread effectively then it works – and it’s kinda easy to scumread most people in ToL.