Corrupt Votes - Informed Dead Chat

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hah, yeah I fucked up EOD times.

Wait, why did you guys choose to kill me?

That’s uh… a good question.

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That is a good question.

I have no clue, I left mafia chat lol

Predictions on who the other mafia is? It should be kinda obvious rn.

Beats the heck out of me.

It’s actually not. The newbie at the spec chat thinks it’s Surge, lol.

lmaooo, add me to spec chat please, I won’t give spoilers if it’s uninformed. (I literally won’t say anything I just gotta read this)

…okay. You have one chance.

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Add me to spec chats please.

I wanna see stuff.

There won’t be spoilers in spectator chat just so you know.

Who are the two other scum?

…I guess this might as well be Informed Dead Chat now.
The other two mafia are Light and Eli/Appel.
Alice was legit neut and chose to side with town.

Light being scum really surprises me honestly. I knew Arete had to be town too, so no hot sauce guzzling for me this time.

Yep. They are surprisingly doing well in this game, considering Light thought they were screwed after D1 Wazza execution.

True. I can see why they killed me too. Because I was Arete’s top defender and they’re no doubt going to try to misyeet her.