Court Lawyer [Neutral Support]

Court Lawyer [Neutral Support]


  • Cross Examine: If someone tries to frame your target, you’ll learn the person who targeted them, and their class.

Day Abilities:

  • Ballot Burning [inf use]: If someone is on stand, chose 2 people. Their votes for execution or pardon will be nullified.
  • Exert Power [2 uses]: Your vote for execution or pardoning will count twice.

Night Abilities:

  • Represent [inf uses]: Chose a player. For this night only you will tailor them to look BD to any investigative classes. They will also be the target you are representing, and will stay that way unless you change targets.
  • Mercenaries [2 uses]: Hire mercenaries to protect you and the person you represent. Your target will be unaware if they got saved from an attack.

Wincon: Have the person you are representing be acquitted of treason on the stand.

I feel like this could basically autowin if you mark someone with a low number N1 and push for VFC D2

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  1. what does this class add
  2. this class has absurdly annoying day abilities in the event it becomes a kingmaker neutral

ballot burning deffo shouldnt be infinite use

and should probably only be usable if the person you’re representing is on stand

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oops :stuck_out_tongue:

ill probably change wincon and abilities later so they dont suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t this neutral social anyway?