COVID-19 Hot Take

Shiki did it better


Don’t look up Shiki if you haven’t seen it, extremely easy to spoil

But hey, if you find yourself trapped at home, you know what to watch

i could figure out a solution to this pandemic easily if there were 3 other ones, each coming from a different region of the world. then, I’d have experience.

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I have corona

Are… Are you serious?

I do too

In my fridge

Yes images (8)

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My sun has corona
and my sis maybe too but whatever

All kindergartens and schools are closing for 5 weeks in my country. We have over 500 cases, one dead.
13 Mio people live here.
Lets see where this goes.

Oh my lord.

My country has about 190 cases and 2 known clusters. (No deaths)
We aren’t closing any places besides the places from where the clusters originated from.