Crone [Neutral Special]

Crone [Neutral Special] :skull_and_crossbones:

Magical Evasion (Passive) - You are death immune once.
Crone’s Madness (Passive) - Your abilities are disabled once you win.
Dark Touch (Day) - Corrupt a players soul, causing them to bleed. They will die in 2 nights unless healed. Gain a use of this when you steal a soul. - 0 uses
Herbicidal Remedy (Day) - Remove all immunities to death and bleeding, tonight and today. - 1 use
Necrostaff (Night) - Use your staff prevent healers from healing your target tonight. You will gain their soul if they die at night. If they are BD and are executed/arrowed tomorrow, you will also get their soul. (Can’t be used on the same person consecutively) - Inf uses
Ultimate Ritual (Night) - Attempt to violently suck the life out of your target, preventing healing and defiling/disguising them as a different class if they die or get executed. (Same soul rules as Necrostaff) - 1 use

WINCON: Live to gain 3 souls.

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When making this class I found out there was another Neutral Special called Crone xD

Why would you use this ability?

mm and NK die in the same night :omegalul:

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So it basically just plays sort of like a gimped scorned?

i worded it wrong pepega

you get a soul if they die

its like scorned? necrostaff someone and try to exe them