Cult Points - How do they work?

:mithras: Cult Point Introduction :corax:

What are Cult Points?

Well, young disciple, I’m glad you asked!

After being converted to the Cult, you receive a set number of Cult Points based on the class you were converted from. These can be found just below your Class Card in the Class Card Thread.

Wowee, Mithras is great! How do I spend these points?

At any time (Day, night, on trial, whenever!) via your Class Card DM you may spend your cult points into new abilities.

You can take ANY ability you had from the class you previously were! The only exception to this rule are Cult Alts which will be explained in the next section.

Let’s use The Observer for our first example.

The Observer

Blue Dragon Investigative
Little Bird (Day) - Send a bird to watch if a player leaves their room that night. You will be told if they did or not the next morning. - Infinite uses
Follow (Night) - Watch someone to see who visits them and who they visit. - Infinite uses
Window Peek (Night) - Discover a player’s faction. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Nightwatch or The Seeker
Cult points: 2

Looking at this card, you would notice that the Observer converts into The Seeker.

Since each ability costs 1, you can obtain two abilities with your Cult Points.

However, you may only have a maximum of 2 of each ability type maximum. (Night, Day, Passive) This includes your new abilities as a Seeker!

Seeing as Seeker already has a day and a night ability, you may only have one more of each type!

This leaves you with the following options for Cult Point Abilities.
Window Peek + Little Bird
Follow + Little Bird

You can just obtain either of these pairs whenever you wish!

Holy Corax Batman! Now what’s a Cult Alt?

Some abilities would be either too dang strong or too dang useless to have on a member of the cult! How do we resolve this problem? Cult Alts!

If an ability has a cult alt, you may not purchase the ability it’s an alt of! That’s right, No Cold Steel on a cultist! But you are instead given the option to take it’s Cult Alt.

Let’s look at another example. This time, the Knight!

The Knight

Blue Dragon Killer
Sacrifice (Night) - You will guard the target player tonight, giving your life to kill their attacker(s). - Infinite uses
Cold Steel (Night) - Choose a player to attack. If they are a member of the Blue Dragon, you will instead take your own life. - Infinite uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Enforcer or The Invoker
Cult points: 2 - Each ability costs: 1
Cult Alt:
(Cold Steel): Lone Cultist (Night) - You decide to kill someone without the Cult Leader’s order. you select someone to kill and commit suicide if you succeed. (The CL cannot target you for blood of Mithras when you use this) - Infinite uses

Simple! Only one pair of abilities, right? Cold Steel + Sacrifice?
Wrong! As Cold Steel has a Cult Alt, you cannot take it. You have the option to take Lone Cultist, its alt, instead!

Since you can only have 2 Maximum of each ability type, you can only take one of Lone Cultist OR Sacrifice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding cult alts, feel free to post below!


Seeker already has a night ability though, so you wouldn’t be able to take both of these, right?

I think you meant Sacrifice + Lone Cultist anyway, but since Invoker also already has a night ability, you would only be able to take one or the other, assuming I’m not mixing up my mechanics.

This is what I had assumed in the first place, but the context for this doesn’t make sense.
Why does the Knight have two cult points and each ability costs 1 if that is the case?

I’m not sure, but iirc abilities are max 2, counting the ones you have as being a default cult.

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I’d quote the cult points thing on the class cards, but considering I took part in writing it I don’t suppose that counts :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, when Fade rewrote it, they put it down as being max 2 without specifying that default cult abilities were not part of that count, so that’s what I’m going off of. @SoulShard, I believe you know the answer, care to clarify?

I updated my post to include this info -
We should go through and make the ability cost make sense if that is the case. Since there’s no downside for giving knight converts a max of 1 cult point instead of 2 which they can’t spend.




Why 2 cult points then, if he can take only 1 ability?

the default cult powers are included in this list. for example

The Ritualist :crossed_swords:

Cult Support
Will of Mithras (Day) - Make a Cult Member immune to the Paladin’s Cleanse tonight, they will not be revealed as part of the cult. - 1 use
Strength Of Corax (Night) - The Cult Leader’s Blood of Mithras will bypass night immunity tonight. - 1 use
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

it already has a Day and night power. so a support converted will be able to take 2 passives and 1 day/night

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I believe that Knight had a passive awhile back back I can’t confirm them. we just have not edited it yet

Make cult point a general pool, not for just one cultist.

This way you can save some cult point for someone else to be more op.

the cult points are a way to reflect how when you join a cult you still retain part of who you are. plus cult has the downside of needing to kill off its member

I agree, it makes each convert unique and have it’s own benefits

Putting all abilities in a pool means you have to nerf the overall power level of the more interesting ones like Puppet of Mithras, and that’s no fun for anyone

Not abilities, just a cult points.

Like if convert A has 2 cult point but uses only 1…

Convert B can have 1 cult point + 1 unused, making it 2.

My dad can confirm this is how cults work.

Upon joining, you just get points to transfer your current skills over


it’s me being an idiot as always.

but yeah, my dad is part of a cult and he confirmed this is how they work