Cultseen (new mode)

Don’t know if somebody has typed this out already but here’s a game mode idea I thought of:

Cultseen: (idk about name)

Game starts off with CL and MM with no starting members.

There will be 1-3 Neutrals per game. If there is only 1 Neutral then the other 2 will just spawn in as members of the Blue Dragon. Same goes for if there’s only 2 Neutrals the 3rd will spawn as a member of the Blue Dragon. (Only 1-2 Neutrals now. 3rd is BD)

For the NK it’s a 35% chance of an NK spawning. Otherwise it will have a 65% to be a member of BD. (Now there is no NK)

The King will always 100% be a Good King.

There will guaranteed be at least 1 Paladin and 1 Sheriff per game.

Playerlist: (note these are just if all the roles added not in any order)

1 - Good King
2 - Cult Leader
3 - Blue Dragon
4 - Mastermind
5 - Blue Dragon
6 - Blue Dragon (Used to be NK)
7 - Neutral 1
8 - Neutral 2 / Blue Dragon
9 - Blue Dragon
10 - Prince
11 - Sheriff
12 - Paladin
13 - Blue Dragon
14 - Blue Dragon
15 - Blue Dragon
16 - Blue Dragon
17 - Possible new slot? (If these are added then these 2 should possibly be starting Assassin and 2nd cult member)
18 - Possible new slot?

Description: (Could be changed)

A battle of the factions! Which faction will be the first to fall, and which will come on top?



  • Now any role except for Neutrals can be a heretic. (And the King)

  • Cannot attack anyone expect heretics.

  • If attacking a non heretic the attack will result a fail.

Cult Leader:

  • Must now wait 2 days before they can use “Eradicate”.


  • Must now wait 2 days before they can use “2 for 1”.

  • Will be forced to wait 1 day before they can use “Assassinate”.

Changes: (To “Cultseen”)

Cult Leader:

  • When converting a Sheriff they will be unable to as they have a new passive “dedicated”.

  • When converting Paladin they must attempt to convert them twice. The first convert will count towards a pity convert.


  • When attempting to convert a Sheriff you must attempt to convert them twice.

  • Shen trying to convert the Paladin the Mastermind will be told “You could not convert them as there dedication to finding the Cult was to strong” because of there New passive “Dedication”.

  • The first convert will count towards a pity convert


  • New passive “Dedicated” you will not be able to be converted by the Cult. You will have to have the Mastermind attempt to convert you twice to become a Marshal. You will not know if you had an attempted convert.


  • New passive “Dedication” when the Mastermind tries to convert you, you will not be converted. You will have to have the Cult Leader attempt to convert you twice to make you a Seeker. When a convert attempt is used on you, you will not know.

Neutral Killing:

  • Now 65% chance to be Blue Dragon and 35% chance to be NK. (New change lower)

More changes: (To “Cultseen”)


  • As you start alone the first person you convert will gain the passive “Apprentice”.

Cult Leader

  • Starts alone.

Neutral Killing:

  • Removed

Possible 18 player games? (2 extras can be BD)

Even more changes: (To “Cultseen”)

Neutral chance:
-Now only 1-2 Neutrals per game. (Or should it stay 1-3?)

Please think about adding this mode just for fun. Also if you have any ideas/changes that would be great! This is also an mode I thought of on my own with some suggested changes. Feel free to make more suggestions!

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I’d rather these classes be combined.


The NK thing of 35% chance is kinda ehhhh

Currently I do think it’s somewhat too much BD sided

Lets break down the List
Good King
BD 8-9
Neut 1-2

This is going with the 16P.

So bd can start with 13 which is actually pretty insane, lowest they start with is 12 and they always have GK.

I think this went a bit extreme on trying to make it balanced not including all the changes

Considering the old normal list already has the starting 9 BD. and that Another evil faction is generally covered by nk (Nk is less of a threat then a entire faction at least).

I think evils don’t really need to start alone in this aslong as theirs always at least 10 BD.

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It got removed


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This basically just forces cultseen to kill king, and most protectives would probably stay split on both prince and king because of this since theyre both powerful and confirmed good. 100% good king just isn’t balanced


Yeah idk why you’d have any neutrals at all in such a mode

or just make them templar tbh 4Head

Imagine all this work for a seeker


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There shouldn’t be any neuts in this mode, just scorned(to prevent paladin from finding the CL night one) and fool(again, to discourage randomly voting D2)

Sheriff and Paladin should just be combined(though they should be combined outside of this mode).

Aside from that I like it.

everyone talks about cultseen
but never uncult


uncult is based

  1. Fool is badly designed I rather it not be the only neutral to “discourage voting d2” because the game shouldn’t be lets be lemons and do nothing during the day.
  2. Neutrals can work with certain setups if there was no neutrals in this setup it would literally be 14 fucking bd vs 2 starting evils.

But if there’s an alch/merc then it would essentially be 15 BD. It should only be NEs(inq,fool,scorned,SS) then, and inq and scorned should die upon winning.

Why not just no neutrals because two scum factions is already a lot

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Okay so I’m not going to delve into the gameplay aspect of this suggestion right now
But a new mode would seperate the playerbase and increase queue timers even further

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I htink having a scorned and potentially fool would be fine to reduce the chances of CL getting found night one. Though they could just give CL the same passive as MM(the appear NS until N3 one) for this mode only.

I don’t like guaranteed GK

These should be combined

This should prob be 1 BD and 1 starting assa.

N2 or N3?

This is meh. Why is this a thing? Seems weird, especially in 18p.

If there’s no starting assa, this doesn’t apply. Also, same comment as above.

Seems unnecessary

More comments:
CL erad should be single target
CL should be DI