Daily Diary for ShuBot

RPing is hard. It’s hard to keep up with everyone in an RP, but fear no longer. ShuBot is here!

I want to make advanced things, such as people having their own characters and being able to keep track of their currency… But to do that, I’ll need everyone’s help! Feel free to suggest more functions (and I may include them if I so wish >:D)

The ShuBot Functionalities:

  • Display Locations!
  • Display Public Player Information
    • Level and Experience
    • HP Percentage
    • Gender and Appearance
    • Currency (In Progress)
    • Status
  • Display Additional Information
    • Skills and Corresponding Information (A whole new DB section…)
    • Statistics in Specific
    • Current Location!
  • Travelling
  • Event Announcement and Moderation
  • Sneaking… Surprise Attacks and More…
  • Questing and Adventure based on Location!

I will update this post daily!

Progress So Far…

Bot Connection to Discord = :white_check_mark:
Database connection = :white_check_mark:
Object Notation Design = IN PROGRESS

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daily diary they said

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No changes besides understanding and tweaking today.

Weekends off!!

i am willing to be a test whore jsyk

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