Day ability bug

Pre-face; I already believe this bug is reported through Discord, but just for safety and general information, I post it on the forums as well.

What happened?

Cancelling a day ability with a target/selection, causes all day abilities to be grayed out.
Example Prince jails a target, deselects the target (to change targets), the Imprison ability grays out and you cannot use it again until next day.
Has also happened with Poss using Facelift, and I’ve heard the same for Sheriff using Scout.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

You deselect your day ability target and your day abilities are still active.

Steps to reproduce:

Use a day ability with a target, then click the ability again to cancel and it should lock you out of your day abilities.


A bonus: if you cancel a day ability like above but have charge abilities, then you may encounter that clicking charge abilities can spend a charge without actually using the charge ability.
This seems to be able to happen with other abilities than just cancelable target abilities. If Assassin Silences a player, they supposedly cannot use Bleed. If you click the Lacerate ability it may still spend a charge. This may be in conjunction with trials, using Silence during the trial of another player, then clicking on Lacerate (still during or after the trial - I don’t remember which).

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Had this happen to me in game as Prince, asked in the endgame lobby about it and people said it was from the latest patch.