Dead by Daylight Thread

I’m surprised this hasn’t been created yet

@Light You said you were playing DbD?

why is there a thread for it but yes

@KyoDaz do you play?

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i can install it again

I’m a killer main so don’t do it just to play with me lmao


fair enough

I main killer as well but I was a rank 1 survivor before I stopped playing

Come in VC in the war room
I’m streaming dbd

I don’t know what that is… The discord server? The link doesn’t work.

no dbd because mac


waiting for mobile

Mobile is out but sucks apparently

No it’s the link to my steam
Try that

I dunno what the warroom is though

The LGBT+ Empire or whatever.

screeching but where?

imagine not playing meg cant relate

Oh, right

Bloody Meg.
I’m a Claudette turned Feng Min main.