Death City - (18/19) - Sign-up Stage


Works on a roll system similar to VLDR, with losing all health causing a player to be knocked out. If a knocked out player is attacked again, they die. The only exception here is critical hits, which will deal x2 damage and bypass the knockout stage.

Item Slots

  • Each player by default begins with two private item slots and five public item slots.
  • Anyone can check another player’s public slot, but the private slot will remain hidden unless the player is knocked out.


You’re allowed to claim. The wincons are fairly varied and some may overlap with others so it will be fairly easy to fakeclaim.


If a player is murdered, then only their murderer will learn their alignment. If a player is executed, then only the leader will learn their alignment.


Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Neutral Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Evil Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil


Lawful vs Chaos: In general Lawful wincons deal with the execution and group leader systems. Chaotic wincons go against them and they’re more “I do what I want” kind of thing.

Good vs Evil: In general Good wincons deal with helping remove evils or escaping while Evil wincons deal with going against good-aligned players or preventing the progression towards the escape.

In short, there will even be clashes between Good/Good and Evil/Evil here due to the alignment system. All Good players can win together however the path to victory for LG/CG may clash from time-to-time. However one thing about wincons is that they will always remain constant.

Kill Penalties

Blood Moon:

  • Once a player is murdered or other certain conditions are met, a Blood Moon will be on the sky for twelve hours, which will be announced in the main thread, and the Blood Moon Counter will be raised by 1.
  • If another player is murdered during a Blood Moon then the duration will refresh without raising the Blood Moon Counter.
  • Once a Blood Moon counter reaches eight, the game will end and everyone who has not escaped will die.
  • Nobody can escape when a Blood Moon is on the sky unless their wincon says so.

Bloodied vs Bloodless: Bloodied players have killed in the match, bloodless have not. This distinction matters in regards to passives and wincons.


At the start of each chapter all players cast a vote for a Leader. Leaders have the following benefits:

  • Can begin a vote for the execution of a player up to two times per chapter. The Leader’s vote counts as a tiebraking vote. If the execution goes through then the player will be executed when knocked unconscious, which means nobody will be bloodied nor will there be a blood moon.
  • Must blockade up to three areas in a chapter, which means nobody can enter them for the duration of the chapter. If no areas are declared off-limits then it will be randomized.
  • Items called Skull Tokens exist. They can be used to give the voted player an additional vote for execution and are casted publicly.
  • Lawful players gain +1 to all stats when they are Leaders.


Relics are powerful items with strong abilities that can be found across the map. They are semi-rare, but they are relatively fragile and can be easily destroyed. There are seven classes of relics.

  • Orbs - Abilities pertain to investigative actions.
  • Scepters - Abilities pertain to voting for executions.
  • Sabers - Abilities pertain to killing and attacking.
  • Necklaces - Abilities pertain to raising stats.
  • Crowns - Abilities pertain to voting for leaders.
  • Rings - Abilities pertain to survivability.
  • Gauntlets - Abilities pertain to grappling and scavaging.

Gate of Glory

After a player’s wincon is fulfilled, they escape by going through the Gates of Glory. The Gates of Glory are activated once seven relics, one of each class, are place on the slots of the Gates of Glory. Though Evils do not need the Gates of Glory to be active and can go through them as long as their win-con is satisfied and may have wincons pertaining to sabotaging the Gates of Glory as well.

  • Some but not all Good-aligned players need to go through the GoG to win and they must activate it beforehand, and the ones who do not have requirements that will usually pertain to helping the ones who do.
  • Neutrals have wincons that do not require them to escape. They are less neutrals and more like true wild cards.
  • Some but not all Evil-aligned players need to go through the GoG to win, but they do not need to activate it beforehand.




For the game to truly end there are two methods to happen:

A) Once there are five or less players alive who have not escaped then the game will end in twenty-four hours. If the remaining players do not finish up their wincon, they lose.

B) If an Eight Blood Moon happens, then it’s rock falls everyone dies, including evils. In short evils should avoid raising the Blood Moon Counter unless it’s part of their wincon.



  1. Marshall
  2. Apprentice
  3. Eli
  4. GGhana
  5. Whysper
  6. Solic
  7. Amelia
  8. Wazza
  9. Gorta
  10. Marluxion
  11. Geyde
  12. Silviu
  13. NetherNitro
  14. KyoDaz
  15. PKR
  16. Italy
  17. Nightingale
  18. Jane


  1. Katze
  2. TL


is it gonn be just u hosting?


Err… may need co-hosts.

(I strongly recommend at least 1, maybe 2-3. Even if not to process actions, just to handle literally anything else because this is really large-scale)

Unga bunga


i would co-host but i really wanna play tbh

I would co-host but I have no idea how successfully up for helping I’d be

Does a successful vote for execution immediately execute the player or do they have to be knocked (like is an outed evil screwed or can they run)

/informed spec

If am evil will still be helpful no hurty please

They can run, so I’d recommend the trialed player is restrained before starting the vote.

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how has there been only 3 signupsz


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@Alice how much time does the game take/day in general
asking for a friend

Can really take as long as you want. Each player gets a free dorm DR-style where they can’t be killed at all.

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@Alice if you don’t get any co hosts by the time this game starts make me a co host

if you get one co host and you think you need another make me a co host

Err… is it just me or is the game filling up slowly?

maybe a bit? most games don’t fill as quickly as your Danganronpa games did

Well the time intervials i can see in the OP are not reasonable to be able to dedicate for example

I can’t be sure to be on at any point for a two hour intervial and no other examples of time are present in the OP so based on this I can’t really join.