Delayed someone, yet they died

What happened? Delayed hunter, yet he still died. I believe he was reaped and the “delayed” message is a visual bug

What was SUPPOSED to happen? He should’ve lived (if he wasn’t reaped)

Steps to reproduce: If he was reaped: The night the reaped person’s body shows up, delay him with chrono

If he died to assa: No clue


Player.log (77,2 KB)

He might have been attacked by both an Assassin and a Reaper.

I’m 100% not sure if that allows for a successful delay but that’s the only situation I think this is possible.

Problem is, the chrono themself was reaped so that didn’t happen

Also if that DID happen, it would show as Could Not Delay

Frenzy (?)

Would also show as Could Not Delay

is it possible they were reaped the night before, and bled to death the night you delayed them


d4: bled
n4: reaped
n5: delayed bleed, dead cause no soul