Desktop forum loading issue, err 500 - Ahorita regreso

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What happened:
Error message appears on laptop

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
Error message not appear and access site normally

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Get laptop
  2. Type
  3. Press enter

¿But you are here now without errors? I’m a bit confused~

Also, Opera is not a very supported browser – try Chrome/Firefox.

+Error 500 is a “refused” connection, often caused by extensions, firewall, or popup blockers.

Isnt that what sombra from overwatch says


No, I am using the forums on mobile
Forums worked normally in my two other PCs in Opera. Main difference between them and this one are that this one is a laptop, it is in Spanish, it is not a licensed Windows copy and the bandwidth is very slow (which I think to be the problem).
I will run MBAM and unistall McAfee in a bit (computer is not mines but kek)

Looking for me?


Gonna lock this - seems to an issue only OP experiences, indicating firewall, low-bandwidth, popup blocker, etc.