Discord Ban removal

So I was banned from discord months ago because I was disappointed about mac users no longer being able to use the game. I have learned my lesson, figured out a solution and would like to get back on the discord. Is this possible?

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What’s your Discord name? And/Or in game name?

sfgiants30, ingame name Tbone

So is it possible to get back in?

Just wondering?

is that a no?

It’s a “please wait, admin who is taking care of your case is currently sleeping and will get back to you shortly”

Okay thanks…sorry. Didn’t mean to pressure you guys, was just wondering if you saw my post. Thanks!

Hello – Because you were already community banned >> appealed >> perma’d again, we have to recognize this as a pattern. Unfortunately, we cannot lift this ban. Technically, you aren’t even supposed to be here (community ban extends to all community sites).