[Discussion] Introducing the Forum of Lies Awards!

Legacy awards have their own category, there are fewer Legacy categories because otherwise there’s an unmanageable number of awards but if people really really want a specific legacy category to exist I’ll consider adding it if you suggest it within the next couple days


What legacy categories are there? I can’t tell from the other thread

nevermind im blind


There’s no limitation to the amount of seconds we can give right?

At this rate we’ll get there by 2085!

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I’ve played 3 miscs, does that count?

FoL and Miscs are different for a reason so I doubt it.

But some awards are misc awards

Also does BotC really count as a misc?

(the person who is dead is me)

So that includes miscs since it just says “game”?


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Why am I getting nominated for this pretty sure this is very simple Botc play

Hey, that took a lot of courage to write!

Fair I guess

I plan to nominate multiple things for the same category as the year progresses

i’d rather just nominate them as i think of them