[Discussion] Introducing the Forum of Lies Awards!


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I’ve played 3 miscs, does that count?

FoL and Miscs are different for a reason so I doubt it.

But some awards are misc awards

Also does BotC really count as a misc?

(the person who is dead is me)

So that includes miscs since it just says “game”?


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Why am I getting nominated for this pretty sure this is very simple Botc play

Hey, that took a lot of courage to write!

Fair I guess

I plan to nominate multiple things for the same category as the year progresses

i’d rather just nominate them as i think of them

like I want to nominate both Windward and ArcticXI for Most Improved

there’s no rules against that is there?
or do i have to choose one?

No rule against it

Putting a restriction on how many nominations you can make for a single category is no fun

Go for it ^^

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However, at the end of the nomination period you will be forced to pick only one of them to receive the award

Just something to keep in mind

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Things from your local Chleb:

I’ll begin logging nominations in the first reply today (later lol) for those who were wondering and/or having a hard time knowing what has been nominated already.

Please remember that for a nomination to be valid, it requires a second. Please do not ‘third’ nominations, as it only serves to clutter the thread!

This OP has been replaced with the updated version of the system as seen in the nominations thread.

Awards will be held annually. Nominations themselves are exciting, and we also think it best to have a bigger sample size of games and players.

If anyone has any suggestions please don’t be afraid to share either in this thread or in private w/ the mods!


(can we third nominations in here?)

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Yeah for sure

And don’t forget to like the noms that you support :^)

Good way to show appreciation

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