[Discussion] Introducing the Forum of Lies Awards!


Actually maybe Corn’s getting paid the most


So we ask sellsword, they’re gonna give us the unbiased answer

Sounds good to me I guess


Can guides read

No it’s a minimum of 1 because if you don’t make 1 you’re not making a nomination

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Ahh okay. That’s fair. I get how you are viewing it. I was seeing it as “what’s the minimum expected from us” instead of “if you choose to nominate, what’s the minimum.” :slight_smile:

I assume all categories will have a Legacy award as well?
or only specific ones?

or do the legacy awards get put in with the 2021 awards?

Legacy awards have their own category and shows the exact like awards there are. Since we didnt have awards yearly til now legacy will like either go with or like right before 2021

Legacy awards have their own category, there are fewer Legacy categories because otherwise there’s an unmanageable number of awards but if people really really want a specific legacy category to exist I’ll consider adding it if you suggest it within the next couple days


What legacy categories are there? I can’t tell from the other thread

nevermind im blind


There’s no limitation to the amount of seconds we can give right?

At this rate we’ll get there by 2085!

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I’ve played 3 miscs, does that count?

FoL and Miscs are different for a reason so I doubt it.

But some awards are misc awards

Also does BotC really count as a misc?