[Discussion] Should players know of their heresy?

In Inquisitor games, by informing players that they are a heretic, it allows for extra confirmation.

2 BD will always be heretics. Meaning that a heretic claim is confirmed to be not starting Cultseen/NK/Neutral, allowing BD to track down the starting evils. The third heretic can be Cultseen, but generally its -EV to claim heretic anyways just because Inq can easily dispose of you by using a Sheriff/Pally claim or something.

I typically prefer Inq games because it makes finding evils a lot easier, to the extent that I believe it favors BD. Should heretics know of their heresy?

Another alternative I would like to see is a D0 message informing players that there is an Inquisitor in-game, instead of players knowing they are a heretic.

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I thought this topic was entirely different when I looked at the title


I would disagree with this option because it makes it impossible for scum (or BD?? I guess??) to fakeclaim Inq in the lategame

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I prefer it over the status quo though.

I don’t see too many Inq fakeclaimers for this to be a problem

I’ve seen a non heretic CL claim inq once, when I was inq

Fed them my targets, made them trustworthy :eyes:

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Someone here has witnessed me fakeclaim inquisitor as starting mastermind, get the throne and win.
It was legendary.
I forgot who. (@katze?)

don’t believe it was me, no

Timelord delta did this once when i was prince

but i do not beleive kyo is TLD

Yeah they aren’t the same person

No, the player in question at the match was a noble. They knew I was bullshitting but everyone else ignored them.

My starting Assassin once fake claimed Inquisitor as Heathen. And then… the real Inq died, and we had to say it was a Poss jump :upside_down_face: but amazingly, it worked, he was confirmed Inquisitor even after the real Inq died.

the title of this thread is so rad

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I like how this thread turned into stories of fake claiming Inq

It all started when arete said fakeclaim…

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But if you had to ask me I feel like people should not know of heresy because it’s random confirmation from nowhere.