Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Game Over [5/24] - Bellerophon and Pegasus Win!

This is what I said in game.

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D1: /arcane empower Alice

D2: /whateverSFoL61 empower was called katze

is there more examples

honestly im surprised you keep subbing in because it’d fucking demolish my WiM for this to keep happening

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This is what I think about the winners.

Apprentice - Lacking. Didn’t do much other then take credit for the shot and didn’t support Wazza that much.
Wazza - Well Deserved Win. Carried Apprentice.

Wazza’s back is sore now from carrying you.


…that’s not very nice



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Just felt he could have played better.

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Hipp0lytus’ back is sore now from carrying you.


yeah I’m sorry that Wazza got stuck w/ me. Pretty much all of my games are getting an undeserved win or screwing things over for my team and it sucks, but I guess I’ve got to try to get better

thanks for carrying


dude, I couldn’t have asked for anything else.
You were the one who made the smart plays, the convincing. If it wasn’t for you, we would’ve lost without a doubt, all I did was carry out the actions while you did all the behind the scenes thing required for our win.

It was teamwork at it’s finest on these forums and I’m glad to have played with you on my side. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else, even if it seemed like a weird pairing from the start. I’m glad it was you.



You played well and we’re well out of the way until ~d4 and the only one to end game as a RHM

Wazza did not ‘get stuck with you’ you got paired as the SKsons that won the game as a team and its something to look back on and be proud of

Congrats lad



Couldn’t have said it better myself.
My first thoughts upon seeing me and Apprentice as NKSons was literally ‘Weird pairing but I’ve got a good player’.

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Town’s mash losing streak continues.

They’ve still yet to take one since NDFM, my first scum game, fifteen months ago.


Oh my god.

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spew is almost all stuff that is case by case
having a set guideline is putting a sign on your back that says kick me

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you can have tmi
but like
villagers don’t have tmi

in general
having formulaic reads will fuck you over

just ask Arete when they played PMM

my read on sulit-in-particular wasn’t the result of a formulaic read, exactly

she approached the thing where we all had cards that looked LW-y in a super mindmeldy way and also I convinced myself that we were Masons


I was looking for an arete town game that illustrated my point
as town you generally have formulaic reads

I would say I hope this changes… but I have been rolling scum a lot so I would like whatever faction I am to win. And if that is town, then we need to break this bad streak.

I do not think I was around when town won a mash.