Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Game Over [5/24] - Bellerophon and Pegasus Win!

you can have tmi
but like
villagers don’t have tmi

in general
having formulaic reads will fuck you over

just ask Arete when they played PMM

my read on sulit-in-particular wasn’t the result of a formulaic read, exactly

she approached the thing where we all had cards that looked LW-y in a super mindmeldy way and also I convinced myself that we were Masons


I was looking for an arete town game that illustrated my point
as town you generally have formulaic reads

I would say I hope this changes… but I have been rolling scum a lot so I would like whatever faction I am to win. And if that is town, then we need to break this bad streak.

I do not think I was around when town won a mash.