Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Signups [24/24] - Randing / Sending Classcards

Who will prevail? Who will fall? The answer is in your hands.


Dreaming Gods and Dreaming Titans FM - Hosted by @Marshal and @SirDerpsAlot, with @Icibalus on flavor duty


  • Follow the global forum rules
  • Folow the Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies rules
  • If you haven’t posted in 36 hours you will be prodded for activity. If you don’t respond to that prod you will be force replaced or modkilled.
  • Do not use big text. That is reserved for hosts.
  • No Editing or Deleting posts
  • Do not like posts if you are dead


  • Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. The deadline to submit actions is 1 hour before the end of the phase(or until plurality would happen in the case of day abilities)
  • Executions are Plurality and Majority
  • There are no logs
  • Game is limited feedback
  • To vote somebody, do /vote [Player]. No other format will be accepted

Game Mechanics

  • This game is not bastard, but may have bastard mechanics. The OP, the Hosts, and your Rolecard will never lie to you
  • The 2 main factions are Olympus(town) and Titans(Mafia)
  • There may or may not be anticlaim mechanics
  • There may or may not be neutrals
  • There may or may not be lost wolves
  • A player’s flip will never be false. It may, however, be cleaned or redacted.
  • There may or may not be effects that alter investigative results
  • There may or may not be dead interaction
  • There will be no vanilla roles
  • Both the Titans and Olympus will have dreaming gods. These dreaming gods will have a list of choices that can have varying effects on the game. There may or may not be other dreaming gods.
  • Flavor will be alignment indicative. All non-Olympus players will be given flavor safeclaims.
  • The win condition of the Titans is to Defeat Olympus and any neutrals that stand in your way. The win condition of Olympus is Defeat the Titans and any neutrals that stand in your way. Any neutrals, if they exist, will have their own win condition.

Action resolution order

Paranoid Gun Owners
Strong-Willed Actions
Bus drivers + Redirectors
Investigations/Misc abilities


  1. Geyde
  2. Apprentice
  3. Italy
  4. PKR
  5. Estel
  6. clonedcheese
  7. Intensify
  8. Crichard564
  9. TheBlueElixir
  10. an_gorta_pratai
  11. Centuries
  12. Appelsiini
  13. Wazza
  14. Ash
  15. Sulit
  16. TornadoX
  17. ModeShifter
  18. MaximusPrime
  19. KyoDaz
  20. Bluestorm
  21. Mist
  22. Light
  23. TrustworthyLiberal
  24. Hippoyeetus


  1. Vulgard
  2. Ami


  1. Blizer (Informed)
  2. Napoleon (uninformed)
  3. Astand (Informed)
  4. Katze (uninformed)
  5. Anstreim (uninformed)
  6. ATNoName (uninformed)

As a sidenote, we will be allowing alternate accounts in this game, so please message Datbird with the details required and we will walk you through the process from there.

what’s the diff again

sry im kinda tired




We won’t directly lie to you in op and when asking questions but their can be some bastard things

Usually this is things like frames, godfathers, etc

I’m inning to help this game fill
if it’s not needed
I’m going to spec

Some abilities may be considered bastard by some definitions. However, the game is not bastard and the OP, Hosts, and your Classcard will never lie to you.

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i will consider inning

idk if i wanna put in the effort

what’s the purpose of an alt account anyway

kill meta against you

meta is inevitable

/in it to win it

The lying darkness may or may not be in this game

meta would probably help me tbh

also meta isnt necessarily bad unless ur always n1 target or insta kill or smth which i am not so

Also could somebody with cool mod powers make OP a wiki so that my cohost can edit the signups as well?

@Marshal he said only if needed to fill otherwise spec



Their are no ITAs

But it’s bigger game


hippity hoppity I have a multitabling problem but wtf else will I do until my job starts