Eevee appreciation thread // Congratulations DatBird/Chloe!

I feel like this post is deserving of it’s own thread

I apologize if you don’t want this to be made into a thread, but it seems like big enough news to warrant it?
If you disagree you’re free to delete this, eevee

i wasnt sure what to name this thread someone please suggest a better name


eh good enough

Congrats Dat/Chelb \o/ \o/ \o/

and thank you eevee for existing \o/

stayed on this forum because of you ppl

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Chloe was already a mod what


she was a judge
not a forum mod
i know it’s confusing but there is a difference

apparently “ToL judge” and “Mod” are different things?

Now I can ping dat to resolve all of my problems


just keep pinging chloe i hear she loves it

i didnt say this

I’ll test


is the post kat made true



I’m going to assume eldritch screaming means “yes”


@Chloe do you like being @Chloe’d?

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does he come?

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without making a giant mushy post (thats reserved for DMs)

@eevee I know i’ve only been around for a few months, so I’ve only experienced half a year of eeveeness, but I wanna let you know that I appreciate all you’ve done for the forums. Things won’t be the same without you, and we have some big shoes to fill.

@DatBird You’ve practically been a mod for the past few months, with how much you help out. All you need is the fancy colored name, and a banhammer. I’m hella looking forward to flailing around working with you. This is mega deserved

@Arete you werent mentioned in the title but you deserve appreciation too. ily


nerd appreciation thread coming right up



Yeah to keep it short and sweet

Eevee, ur a great dude, and have helped me a lot. Ur antics are gonna be missed. Please keep in contact

Chloe, ur great, thought u were a mod already as I appreciated all the work ya did to help everyone

Arete, ur awesome, cant wait to work with ya more

Also ty for all the great people who have kept me here this whole time

and finally thank you for the Queue and Review team, yall great



To clarify: fol mods are mods only for the forum. Tol judges and mods have automatically forum moderation powers as well, but usually are not responsible for organizing FM etc. Arete and Chloe do both now.

u kinda guessed at my soon to be powers the other day. Had to play it cool

Good luck in your new responsibilities, ModBird