Ended game alive as Pret King and still lost (2.4c)

What happened?

I was made King as Pretender and still lost at the end: https://imgur.com/a/l80n6s1

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I was supposed to be amongst the winning people. Only cult got the win.

Steps to reproduce:

I guess get kinged as pret and wait it out?


Pretender King (and Sellsword, as your image shows them losing despite BD losing) not winning as intended is already known and should be fixed soon ^^

Is it possible you have logs from this game?

%userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Imperium42 Game Studio\Throne of Lies\

If you haven’t launched your game again since, can you upload Player.log here? If you’ve launched once since, can you upload Player-prev.log here?

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Hey! Sorry, I played some last night :-/