Every player had a "green" buddy

What happened:
Every player had another player in green, so like two pairs similar to how heathens use to show up. Ever player saw it.

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
Not show up in green

it doesn’t seem to have showed up,because my buddy was 5



ToL uses the buddy system now so someone will see who is stabbing who


Weird that this buddy happens to have a sword with them

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don’t worry prince. It’s just a Knight

Famous last words.


FireKitten was found dead last night. He was the Prince

he did not leave logs

Geyde was found dead last night. He was the Knight

N1: CS Firekitten


No logs no life


I have a red buddy

lul to be more clear you could see fellow heathens in previous patches well it was kinda like that would instead of a heathen mark it would be that there name there “name box” was entirely green, everyone had a “partner” as sorts and when there partner died it would dissapper

Oh. I think it should be the same of the Assassin as Court Wizard bug. This happens when two games fuse, and the cause is unknown afaik. I don’t know if they have fixed it or not.