[Evil Faction] The Antagonists

The Antagonistic Leader is replaced in a similar way to the Cult Leader. There can be a maximum of 4 Antagonists.

Starting Antagonists

The Antagonistic Leader

Antagonist Special
Day ability: Scratch: Make target player bleed. 3 uses, uses transfer between Antagonistic Leaders.
Day ability: Ultra-Sacrifice: Sacrifice 2 Antagonists to kill 2 non-antagonists tonight. If there is a remaining Antagonist, they will get an extra use of all their abilities, except for abilities where uses transfer from their original class. If you are the only Antagonist alive after the sacrifice, you will gain an extra use of Scratch. Unlimited uses.
Night ability: Convince: Convince target player to become an Antagonist. Unlimited uses, 1-day cooldown.
Night ability: Sacrificing Kill: Kill an antagonist (or non-antagonist if you used Ultra-Sacrifice) and a non-antagonist. Unhealable. Unlimited uses.

The Assistant

Antagonist Support
Passive: Faithful: If you die in the first 3 nights, you will be replaced by the oldest non-AL Antagonist. If both you and the AL die on the same night, the AL will be replaced by the oldest member, and you will be replaced by the 2nd oldest. You will not replace the AL unless you are the only option.
Day ability: Secret Formula: If the Antagonistic Leader uses Scratch, their target will be uninformed. The Antagonistic Leader will be unaware of your usage of this ability. 1 use.
Night ability: Mask: Target Antagonist will appear as a member of the Blue Dragon. If you target yourself, you will appear as a chronomancer, and if you target the AL, they will appear as a Detective. 3 uses.
Night ability: Guarantee: If the AL converts someone, it will succeed unless their target’s class cannot be converted, and if they kill, it will bypass everything except the reaper’s souls. 2 uses.

BD hardcounter

The Detective

Blue Dragon Investigative
Day ability: Alarm: You will be alerted if your target is visited by an Antagonist. Will stay on someone until you switch targets. Unlimited uses.
Night ability: Check Records: Learn your target’s class if they are an Antagonist. Unlimited uses.

Killer Converts

The Trapper

Converts from Hunter
Day ability: Wolf Assistant: If the AL uses Scratch, the target will unknowingly die in one night, rather than two. The AL will be unaware that you used this ability. 1 use.
Night abilities stay the way they were before conversion.

The Soldier

Converts from Knight
Passive: Armored: Same as normal.
Night ability: Defend: Same as normal. 3 uses.
Night ability: Thick Armor: Defend, but on self, and will make you simply immune to Sacrificing Kill, without losing Armored. 2 uses.

More converts coming soon.

“Antagonist” is boring flavor wise

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this faction lacks consistent non-conversion KP, which seems potentially problematic as it makes it difficult to eliminate Blue Dragon fast enough to win

There’s a reason Cult Blood of Mithras was changed to Eradicate

Wdym? Just create “Protagonist” Town Faction, ez.

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Rename this faction to “Informed Minority”


Rename this faction to Mafia

The Krabby Patty formula

But if the antagonists are the protagonists of their own game, wouldn’t them be called the protagonists?

I just realized I forgot the main kill ability. I have added it.

if the town faction called “Protagonist” and the mafia faction called “Antagonist” what would the neutrals be called??? :eyes:

Though the name is uncreative, you have the starting Antagonists and a sample of the converts. Please give feedback.




whats the convert limit



I don’t feel like “Antagonist” really fits.
Maybe try something like “Creed”, “Institute”, “Agency”.

IMO maybe make the NK unique and try something like a Douse instead of a casual night kill.

NK? What?

He means nightkill

Also I disagree with making the nightkill a douse as it essentially makes the kill a strongman so shrug

Added BD hardcounter.