Evil Faction - Vampire

First, we will have

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord

Vampire Special

Blood Connect (Passive) - All Vampire can hear you and see your action but can’t speak up. Oldest Vampire take your place if you die.

Vampire Lust (Passive) - Your Faction have no members limit.

Bat (Day) - Bleed a player. [3 Use]

Vampire Energy (Day) - Occupy a player tonight. [1 Use]

Bite (Night) - Convert a target player, if they are convert immune, attack them instead. Can’t target people you have learned to be convert immune. [Unlimited Use]

Blood Ritual (Night) - Occupy all Vampire and attack a target player. [Unlimited Use]




Vampire Special

Hidden (Day) - Appear as Not Vampire to the Vampire Hunter tonight. Not use if Occupied. Disable Harden if this is used. [1 Use]

Harden (Night) - Grant yourself Death Immune tonight. Disable Hidden if this is used. [1 Use]

And ofc, a counter class

Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter

Unique BD Killer

Blood Hunt (Passive) - Immune to Convert. Immune to attack from Vampire Lord once.

Silver Ring (Day) - Grant a player Convert Immune for the night. [2 Use]

Blood Test (Night) - Check if a player is Vampire or Vampire Lord. If they are, attack them. Your attack will be unhealable. [Unlimited Use]

Follow (Night) - Follow a player, if they visit Vampire, attack the Vampire. [Unlimited Use]

this is too similar to the cult to worth adding (and slightly weaker than the cult fwiw)
what does this add to the game

seems like old cult but worse

This is just a rework of TOS Vampire.
We don’t combine games, go post this on TOS fourms instead.

This faction is super weak and Vampire Hunter is OP.

This thing completely shuts down Vampires as an evil faction.

Removed Bite Cooldown
Changed VH into Killer for absolutely nothing

Removed Interaction where VH and VL visit the same target
Too odd tbh

the largest problem is that Vampires have almost no counter to Vampire Hunter

That why he is Unique
But Vampire can protected themselves

Bite cannot target people that you have learned to be convert immune

VH now only immune to convert. And immune to attacks from VL once to balance it out


Hidden or Harden, either of
Since they have man power then total power should be balance out

You only have a use of each anyway. I don’t see the point of this restriction

This again, is just taken from TOS.