FAM Final Main Thread - Game Over - Mafia + Imperials win!

Welcome to FoL’s Annual Mash!

Hosted by @Chloe, @DatBird, @Geyde, @Arete, and @osieorb18

Host account: @FoLAnnualMash

Big thanks to Marl and Firekitten for their moral support.


Follow the Global Forum Rules as well as the Forum Game Rules

Flavorclaiming is not allowed. More information can be found farther down.

What is FAM?

All roles are custom-made, and will be designed based on the players who join the game. You may even get lucky and roll yourself! Everybody will have one or more ability/passive; nobody will be vanilla.

This game will feature In-Thread-Attacks (ITAs). Along with this, there will be events in which you can earn prizes (or death)!

There will be at least two factions - Town and Mafia.
Third-party roles (neutrals) may exist.


  • Both majority and plurality are in effect.

  • All votes must be in the form of **/vote [player]** to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form **/unvote**. After voting in the main thread, send a link to the post in which you voted in the voting thread, or will not be counted.

  • You may self-vote. Along with this, no-elimination is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-elim and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-elim will have priority in the rand.

  • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

  • MyLo (mis-eliminate and lose) and LyLo (eliminate or lose) will not be announced, and votes will not be locked.


  • Days are 36 hours and nights are 12 hours. In the instance the day ends early due to majority, the Night phase will be extended to begin at a consistent time.

  • Deadline to submit Night actions is 2 hours before Night ends.

  • Deadline to submit Day actions is 1 hour before Day ends, unless specified otherwise.

  • Barring the potential existence of janitors, flips will always be true. Rolecards will not be fake. Conversion does not exist. Game-ending jesters do not exist.

  • Other than the above, everything is on the table (:

  • We will be following Natural Action Resolution. If there are any major issues with NAR, Reasonable Action Resolution may be utilized. (We don’t expect this to occur)

  • Should the main thread reach 9k posts, a new thread will be created.


  • Every day starting Day 2, there will be a single ITA window that begins 6 hours after SoD, and ends 6 hours before EoD. During this period, you may submit an ITA by typing some variety of **/ITA [player]** and pinging the host account: @FoLAnnualMash

  • ITAs have a base accuracy of 10%

  • Do not attempt to ITA if you are out of shots. If you shoot a dead player, your shot will be refunded

  • If a player is protected from an ITA, the feedback will be ‘Hit! Nobody died.’ Otherwise the feedback will be a death, or ‘Miss!’

  • ITAs will be disabled after a certain point. This will be whenever the hosts deem fit.

Rolecards and Flavor

Example Rolecard

‘its not fucking o???’
Town Idiot

Expert of Forum Mofoa: All instances of the letter i that you post in the thread must be replaced with the letter o. To bypass this restriction, you may post freely as long as you include an image of a cat within your post.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

The user is Chloe, the role name is Town Idiot, and the flavor is ‘it’s not fucking o???’ as well as ‘Expert of Forum Mofoa.’


Do not claim or paraphrase any quotes or flavor within your rolecard. Do not claim the name of your abilities or passives. You may paraphrase what your passives or abilities do, but may not repeat the text word-for-word.

The alignment of any User will be entirely random. Attempting to solve the game based on flavor is useless.

Standard Win Conditions

Town is the uninformed majority. Their win condition is:
Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Mafia is the informed minority. Their win condition is:
You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.

Other win conditions may or may not exist.


  1. @Solic
  2. @clonedcheese
  3. @Gghana
  4. @katze
  5. @Frostwolf103
  6. @orangeandblack5

Dead Players

  1. eevee - Modkilled Day 1 - Italy: Town Godfather
  2. Firekitten - Died Day 1 - Marluxion: Town Tunneler
  3. Tangeld - Eliminated Day 1 - TheLukundo: Imperial Passive JOAT
  4. Marshal - Killed Night 1 - Icibalus, Town "Cop"
  5. Nightingale - Killed Night 1 - Frostwolf103, Town Illuminati Cult Leader
  6. Wazza - Killed Night 1 - Centuries, Town Shitposter
  7. sulit - Died Day 2 - Appelsiini, Town ITA Nerfer
  8. astand → lol - ITA’d Day 2 - Joker, Mafia Suspicious Peddler
  9. Intensify - ITA’d Day 2 - an_gorta_pratai: Town Tree
  10. TheLukundo - ITA’d Day 2 - Jane, Mafia Spectator
  11. MaximusPrime - ITA’d Day 2 - Mistyx: Town Support JOAT
  12. Icibalus - Boatsed Day 2 - PokemonKidRyan: Town Ringmaster
  13. KyoDaz - Boatsed Day 2 - Amelia: Town Reverser
  14. Amelia - Boatsed Day 2 - Wazza: Mafia Nanobiologist
  15. Joker - Boatsed Day 2 - Marshal: Town Greatest (Wo)man That Ever Lived
  16. Hippoyeetus - Boatsed Day 2 - Nightingale: Mafia Painter
  17. Psyx → Leafia - Boatsed Day 2 - Luxy: Mafia Jailkeeper
  18. min - ITA’d Day 2 - ArcticXI: Town Ransomer
  19. Whysper - Eliminated Day 2 - Hippoyeetus: Town Outer doG Cult Leader
  20. Silviu200530 - Killed Day 2 - katze: Town Chaos
  21. SirDerpsAlot → EliThePsycho - Killed Night 2 - Ami: Mafia Claim Vigilante
  22. Aelin - Killed Night 2 - SirDerpsAlot: Town Champion
  23. Marluxion - Killed Day 3 - Firekitten: Town Spankvig
  24. nutella - ITA’d Day 3 - Orangeandblack5: Mafia Solar Car Cult Leader
  25. Universal - ITA’d Day 3 - Solic: Town Time Reaper
  26. Appelsiini - Eliminated Day 3 - sulit: Town Strongman
  27. Esooa - Killed Night 3 - KyoDaz: Town Dark Lord Cult Leader
  28. PokemonKidRyan - Killed Night 3 Tangeld: Town Lovebird
  29. ArcticXI - Killed Night 3 - Psyx: Town Inquisitor
  30. @Vulgard - Died Day 4 - Silviu200530: Town Ape Gorilla
  31. @Luxy - Died Day 4 - GGhana: Town Clown
  32. @WindwardAway - ITA’d Day 4 - Vulgard: Town Future Foundation Cult Leader
  33. @TrustworthyLiberal - Won Day 4 - astand: Imperial Pirate Detective
  34. @Jane - ITA’d Day 4 - Universal: Mafia Enabler
  35. @Centuries - ITA’d Day 4 - osieorb18: Mafia Sensei
  36. @an_gorta_pratai - Eliminated Day 4 - Lemonfairy: Mafia Sheepherder
  37. @Blizer - Killed Night 4 - Clonedcheese: Town Chronomancer
  38. @Emilia - Eliminated Day 5 - Aelin: Town Neighborhood Strategist
  39. @Lemonfairy - Killed Night 5 - Intensify: Town McDonald’s Employee
  40. @Italy - Killed Night 5 - WindwardAway: Town Investigative JOAT
  41. @Mistyx - Killed Night 5 - min: Town Roleblocker
  1. thepigeonnyc
  2. ATNoName
  3. EliThePsycho
  4. Blitz
  1. Alice
  2. Prophylaxis
  3. Nerbins


Day 1 - DAY 1 THREAD

Event Announcement: Avatars / Voting
Event Announcement: 1610
Event Announcement: Math Is Fun!
Event Announcement: Skribblio
Substitution: lol replaces astand
Substitution: Esooa replaces Ami
Substitution: Leafia replaces Psyx
Eevee is modkilled - Italy: Town Godfather
Event Announcement: Surprising Details
Firekitten dies! - Marluxion: Town Tunneler
EoD1: Tangeld is eliminated! - TheLukundo: Imperial Passive JOAT

Day 2 - DAY 2 THREAD

SoD2: Marshal, Nightingale, and Wazza died in the night! Two NPCs have appeared!
Event Announcement: RopeStringFace’s Return
Event Announcement: Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics
sulit dies! - Appelsiini, Town ITA Nerfer
lol is shot in ITAs! - Joker, Mafia Suspicious Peddler
Intensify is shot in ITAs! - No flip
TheLukundo is shot in ITAs! - Jane, Mafia Spectator
A shot rings out! Nobody has died!
MaximusPrime is shot in ITAs! - Mistyx: Town Support JOAT
Intensify flips! - an_gorta_pratai: Town Tree
Substitution: EliThePsycho replaces SirDerpsAlot
Boat Explosion Kills Six: Amelia, Hippo, Leafia, icibalus, KyoDaz, Joker
Min is shot in ITAs! - ArcticXI: Town Ransomer
Only Whysper and Marluxion may be voted. Votes are reset.
EoD2: Whysper is eliminated and Silviu dies!

Day 3 - DAY 3 THREAD

SoD3: Aelin and EliThePsycho died during the night!
Event Announcement: Storytime
Marluxion dies! - Firekitten: Town Spankvig
nutella is shot in ITAs! - orangeandblack5: Mafia Solar Car Cult Leader
Uni is shot in ITAs - Solic: Town Time Reaper
EoD3: Appelsiini is eliminated! - sulit: Town Strongman

Day 4

SoD4: Esooa, PKR, and ArcticXI died during the night!
Vulgard dies! - Silviu200530: Town Ape Gorilla
Luxy dies! - GGhana: Town Clown
WindwardAway is shot in ITAs and TrustworthyLiberal wins!
Jane is shot in ITAs! - Universal: Mafia Enabler
Centuries is shot in ITAs! - osieorb18: Mafia Sensei
EoD4: Gorta is eliminated! - Lemonfairy: Mafia Sheepherder

Day 5

SOD5: Blizer Died during the night - Clonedcheese: Town Chronomancer
EoD5: Emilia Executed - Aelin: Town Neighborhood Strategist

Day 6

SOD6: Lemon, Mistyx, and Italy all Died during the night
GAME END - Frostwolf is eliminated!

Voting Thread

ITA Thread

SoD4 Flavor

wow Arete
you tried to do consequentialism and now Appelsiini is DEAD

System Message: ATTENTION ALL USERS. THIS IS THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM. WE HAVE DETECTED AN INTRUSION. Please proceed to your designated staging location and await further instructions. Estimated duration of test: Unknown.

System Message: ATTENTION ALL USERS. THIS IS THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM. WE HAVE DETECTED AN INTRUSION. Please proceed to your designated staging location and await further instructions. Estimated duration of test: Unknown.

System Message: ATTENTION ALL USERS. THIS IS THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM. WE HAVE DETECTED AN INTRUSION. Please proceed to your designated staging location and await further instructions. Estimated duration of test: Unknown.

What’s happening?

i think its chleb again
we should probably go to the staging location
just in case

System can’t tell me what to do! System thinks that we need 10 characters to send PMs!

I don’t think it’s the same system, but I must find myself in agreement here. This “System” is keeping us trapped in the simulation. Why should we believe it has our best interests at heart?

for once someone on FoL actually made a good point
let’s do it. let’s stay here.

Dat, can you maybe do something about that? I don’t want them to get hurt…

im working on shutting down the emergency protocol
but i can’t make them follow the instructions.

System Message: Users detected in violation of protocol: 3.

come on

System Message: Disconnecting user ArcticXI...

System Message: ArcticXI has been disconnected.

System Message: Disconnecting user Esooa...

System Message: Esooa has been disconnected.

System Message: Disconnecting user PokemonKidRyan...

System Message: PokemonKidRyan has been disconnected.

got it
give me a minute

System Message: The emergency has ended. You may now leave your designated staging locations.

shouldve worked faster

the rest of you can also look I wasn’t just talking to Dat

Hello again, the four of you. I’m here to talk.

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Esooa has died! They were…

‘OH MY GOD. Is that the one and only famous journalist Tess ‘TessA’ Ardent who specialises in reversing, social engineering and journalism AND runs her own journalism firm? I’m her BIGGEST fan.’
Town Dark Lord Cult Leader

I AM THE SENATE (Passive): You are a Sith Lord. Your Apprentice is also a Sith. You share an anytime Sith chat and communal Force Abilities.

Recruit Apprentice (Night, 2-Shot): Twice per game, if you do not have an Apprentice, you may target another player to recruit them as your Apprentice.

Essence Transfer (Passive): If you die before Day 3, your current Apprentice will gain your role and any remaining uses of Recruit Apprentice.

Master Infiltrator (Passive): On Day 1 and Day 2, you have a hidden extra vote.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

PokemonKidRyan has died! They were…

‘(what the fuck is :pleading_face: use your words I don’t speak bottom)’
Town Lovebird

The Bell Tolls (Passive): You are a member of the Clocktower Night neighborhood.

This isn’t DR but you brought DR in anyway (Passive): You are Scottish. You have the ability to swear. When the Katze role dies, you gain the following ability, which can be used alongside Gambler:

  • Cat Throw (Night): Each Night, throw a Cat at a player. This will be informed that they gained a Cat. The Cat is a 1-shot item with the following ability:
  • Meow (Night, 1-Shot): Once per game, as a Night action, prevent all non-killing actions that would target you until the end of the next Day. All killing actions that would target you during that time cannot be prevented or redirected.

Gambler (Night, Compulsive): Each Night, as a Night action, you must target a player (can target yourself) and guess an ability or passive that they have. If you guess incorrectly, you die.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

ArcticXI has died! They were…

‘Thanks for the welcome! Kinda new to this kind of forum and game mode (joined because of Joker’s invite) but I hope I won’t mess up…’
Town Inquisitor

NSF (Passive): You are a member of the NSF Cult. The Leader of the NSF will know vague descriptions of the non-factional parts of your role.

All-Seeing Eye (Night): Each Night, as a Night action, you may target another player to learn if they are a member of any non-factional chat. If you get a positive result with this ability, you will remove them from that chat for a cycle.

Login Bonus (Passive): You start the game with 500 Primo gems. Whenever a player dies, you gain 5 Primo gems.

Limited Event Wish (Day): Each Day, as a Day action, you may roll 160 primo gems on this exclusive banner for a chance to gain a limited time only single-use ability, including but not limited to a 1% chance of a 1-shot Super Commandant (Doctor + Alignment Cop), or a 5% chance of one of 1-shot Roleblocker, a 1-shot 300-Character-Maximum Messenger, or a 1-shot 10% ITA Accuracy Boost.

Eliminate the Mafia and all other possible threats to the Town.

Day 4 has begun and will end: 2021-06-25T05:00:00Z

Actions submitted in the final hour of the Day will not be processed.

The ITA window opens 2021-06-23T23:00:00Z and ends 2021-06-24T23:00:00Z



TL you dick

They didn’t invite me

shoulda gone for wind

hate it here

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So uhh

i think my cl could be a wolf now


yo blizer

Well just let me kill them then

hilarious and original thought

i have no fucking clue why jane isnt dead so yeah

kill that with fire

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Hey, Mr. Delayed Dayvig on Jane, what happened?


hardclaiming an ITA shield

pkr gave me his ability and im activating it asap so i can die already

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No fucking clue at all

im assuming they have a BPV of somesorts

FoL Trivia: Results

The following were the intended answers for the trivia event:

  1. FM - Mountainous - Game Over (Town wins!)
  2. [FM] Paint Your Mafia.. Mafia - Game Thread - (15/15) - Town won
  3. [SFM] Evolution Mafia [Mafia wins]
  4. SFOL 31 - Triple Threat 2 (0/20 - Game Over) Rocks fall - Everyone dies
  5. (multiple answers acceptable)
  6. (multiple answers acceptable)
  7. Derps Grand Idea - Day Four (10/18)
  8. [FoL] Experimental Forum of Lies 2 ReDux - Unseen, Warlock, and Scorned win!
  9. [FoL] FoL 22 - The Blue Dragon and Scorned Win!
  10. [FoL] Forum of Lies 27 - 10 day FoL (2/18) - Blue Dragon win

Several players submitted other valid answers, which were still counted.

At least one player received a perfect score. Prizes have been sent out.

Additionally, SoD flavor has been posted.

For fuck’s sake, I was going to shoot you today.

I think kat’s a wolf.