FAM - Future Foundation Cult Daychat

Welcome to the Future Foundation. You may chat here any time during Day phases. You are reminded that you may not copy-paste content to or from this chat without explicit permission.

In addition, you have access to the following communal Day ability:

Unlock Potential (Day): Each Day, as a Day action, you may target another player to enable any of that player’s Ω abilities at the start of the following Night.

(This chat has been unlocked to serve your posting pleasure.)

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Cool, now I can talk to myself for an entire day!

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not surprised you added me to this tbh but it i’m glad since i don’t think u would have chosen me if it wasn’t for the n1 neighbourhood

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ok so i’m a fucking idiot and completely forgot about the NSF cult thing
yeah so that’s a thing

Yep you’re right lol
At least I can respond to you here though since it’s a day chat and I guess I didn’t come back to the neighborhood before end of night

I’ll be back in a couple hours to skim the thread, I saw the three night kills though

If we have more town cult leaders maybe we really do want Leaf dead

Also do you have an omega ability you want to enable or something

Cause I tree’d D1 and didn’t realize I could use the ability on someone if I was the only one in this chat

nah i don’t

also, mist claims she was added to a cult too and she thinks the third cult leader is probably wolf since she believes her’s is town


Lol well
I’m not saying anything

Chances are there are more than 3 CLs

i think ur town anyway
there’s probably another cult leader

Yeah that’s what I’m saying, I don’t think there’s just 3 or it would be hard for the neuts to kill 2 cult leaders with only a 2-shot check

well leafia basically claimed being tan’s partner since she liked gghana’s post saying “if leafia’s the inquisitor we should probably leave them alive”

they also tried saying i was tan’s partner lol

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Lol yeah I saw that

i’ll ?probably? ita them
i think whysper or aelin are gonna go for centuries