FAM Thread 2 (Day 2)

ok? what about me individually wtf

fuck off

ur mafia

also i might’ve forgotten to mention this yesterday

but blizer’s near the top of my shotlist for this

  1. I love anchovies on my pizza - submitted by Blizer

if your claim is true

then probably

if not

then… idk?

i looked away for five minutes and katze faked a red?

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didnt rand that nerd

cheese lmao

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this is going in my bio

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he did?

Honestly cheese

i kinda dont blame you

but everyone like something weird tbh

anchovies are amazing uwu

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im shooting lukundo once i can btw

i thought he faked a green
am i reading correctly
forums cringe

did my entire wallpost on intensify v go into the void

Explain whatze?

Targeted them with a voyur which mist confirms proves i didn’t do a kill

:point_right: :point_left:

Cheese’s shotlist

any and all NPCs

taking applications

Also no vig on counter wagon is?

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