Feedback as a new player

My limited understanding is that Mafia is a sub-forum here but I just wanted to communicate my thoughts on my experience playing a game here.

-The password limitations suck. I get that its considered a normal thing these days but honestly as a user on a website I wish I could literally make my password “1”. On some sites security just does not matter imo and making crazy password obligations just makes the site a pain in the ass to access while doing nothing for the user.

-The lack of a post number on posts really hurt my experience. May not be an issue for other areas of this forum but it was painful in many respects and absolutely brutal when you went into an Iso as that the slider did not even give you a guestimate.

-This may be the absolute best site I have ever played a game on for mobile use. I would highly encourage this site to embrace ‘Turbos’ as that I feel its made for them between the site meta and the post style.

-The ‘like’ function working for dead players could be used to cheat. Not sure if thats tracked by mods and such but it may be worth a look (and would be better to be disabled)

-The lack of ability to create a quote text after the thread closed hurt night planning for me. Would be nice to be able to grab quote text even if posting is not a thing to build cases at night.

-The search function was cool but I kinda wish the normal Ctrl+F worked. There were plenty of times I needed it to grab something specific in a post but just couldn’t.

-I feel like the buttons could be expanded to include more of what the code allows. Simple things like spoilers were confusing to use so I ended up just spamming the thread with wall posts while I normally would have put them behind a spoiler simply because I did not have access to the function and did not feel I had access to the information. I am sure I could figure it out but I do not feel my ability to figure things out represents the ‘average user’ who functions should be created for.

Anyways, Had a great time playing here and I hope to do so in the future. This is just a bit of feedback on what I feel would make this site even better.

Forgot to mention, Please please please implement a vote count system. The lack of it was terrible to deal with and undoubtedly AIDS to the hosts. That in itself would make me never want to host a game here.


you can fix this by clicking on the timestamp on posts

bring up a menu that gives u the post number and a link if u want to link to said post

We cant unfortunately disable it, but we tell players not to do so, and if they do we can give warnings and stuff

yeah unfortunately only the mods can do that, due to the way the site works :man_shrugging: but u can always grab a link through the same method above. But its not the same I know.

Not sure what exactly you were trying to search but there are several ways of forcing the normal Ctrl+F. The easiest one is probably pressing it twice. I’ve also noticed that, while typing a post, Ctrl+F opens the normal search thingy.

I was told very late in my life that game how to do that. Its not intuitive though.

Might be sufficient but it would be nice if that functionality was more accessible. It did have a significant impact on my play this game simply because I could not build my notes to attack with quotes and I would imagine other new players will have the same issue.

i can’t say for sure that any of these will be implemented, as this forum was made as a hub for the ToL videogame, rather than for our forum matches, but these are great ideas and i agree with all of your suggestions

hopefully we’ll see some changes soon™

thanks for all the feedback, helz :heart:


I walked in here expecting ToL feedback smh


@Helz sounds like you should visit Mafia451

We’re a pretty bog-standard Discourse instance, they have specialized modifications that help with a lot of what you’re asking for

site kinda dead tho lol

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Oh I play all over the place. I figure the purpose of feedback is to allow users to communicate to site leadership things that would improve their users experience on their site.

I have no problem finding other places to play that are more… ‘User friendly’ for my specific use but I figured it was worth communicating what would make this site more user friendly in case they wanted user growth in this area.

The issue is they have very little control over UI/UX here

A lot of that stuff is possible but only if an admin actually cares to take the time to make it happen and FM/FoL are just not a priority of the admin team here.

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This would be disasterous. You’re essentially giving anybody freedom into your account.

That’s tracked by moderators and against the rules.

You’re able to do this by clicking

This is a browser issue. My CTRL + F works on Firefox.

We did this once. The Shire was lynched.

(btw, If you want a quick login without having to use a password use oAuth)

I am not saying I would literally make my password 1. Just that I would like to be able to.

One thing I dislike in society is the ‘kid gloves’ mentality. I feel its my human right to be a dumbass and suffer the consequences. The password requirements here are literally more strict than the 3 banks I do business with.

Sure there are work arounds, but I do not see the need to ‘require’ users to have such an advanced password given this is a forum for a video game. I honestly doubt some ‘hackers’ are going to dedicate a lot of time and energy to breaking into someone’s account here and in general when accounts are compromised its usually someone unloading password banks saved on browsers which invalidates making any level of complexity from a security standpoint. Overall I feel your password requirements are not protecting anything but do make accessing this website more difficult for those who do not embrace ‘workarounds.’

Just my opinion on the matter. Feel free to ignore it : )


I don’t like websites with “at least 1 special symbol”, “at least 1 number” due to the following:


We live in a society