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Skylander Cult (FM Cult)

Hello. I am Chop Chop.
I used to be known as someone else, but no more. As I am loyal and now known as Chop Chop.
You see I used be known as a “Not Good” or a “Weak” even though I KNOW I’m a “Strong” and a “Good”. I wish I could be liked the way I want to be. The way I know I can be.
So I said Enough is Enough! Time for a change!
Time to better myself! Permanently!
So it doesn’t matter who I was, it matters who I am.

And I am a Skylander but not any Skylander, I am known as “Chop Chop”. “Chop” for short.
But then I decided, maybe there are others like me that want to better themselves and become like as I have become. To become a Skylander.

How does one become a Skylander?
Simple, just type below the Skylander you want to be and say “I hereby pledge myself as this Skylander”
Then you must change your Username and Discord Name to that Skylander and never EVER change your Username and Discord name for as long as you live just like me.
I’ll also then invite you to the Special Private Skylanders only Discord Server.

(P.S. would love to have a Dino-Rang in the Cult)

if i change my avatar for like two weeks do i count

You must permanently become the Skylander and never change!

I am now Thumbtack

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i’m still going to change the avatar though

is there a joy skylander

yes thumbtack join me

we can be thumbtack

this is all you get

i am now the business cat, from skylander

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Alright well if anyone is serious about this let me know and I’ll invite you to the Discord Cult.

It’s Thumback btw.


I’m going to use this thread to prove why the very concept of social reads is flawed*.

*but only sometimes

ALso it’s literalyl based off of the book Talking to Strangers, by Malcom Gladwell

So in this book, he talks about the concept of “transparency”, which is basically just the notion that we can tell emotions by the look on somebody’s face.

This isn’t the thread for that.
(Also that’s correct and I’m making my own method that’s better then Social Reading. )

And, basically, it works, but only sometimes.
It works on people who are “matched,” which means their emotions match their behavior; however, not everybody is matched.