[FM] Geyde PFPs Joat9 - SIGNUP THREAD - (9/9)

Geyde PFPs Mafia

Micro-Setup hosted by Geyde


Rulebreaks will be handled in a case-by-case basis



Vanilla Town x6
Mafia Goon x2

Example Rolecards

The Man Behind the Slaughter

fine then die

You have multiple night abilities with one use each.

Watcher - Learn who visits the target player during the night.
Jailkeeper - Roleblock a player. They will also be protected from night kills.
Cop - Learn if the target is Mafia.

Example results:

[Player] was visited by [Player2]
[Player] was not visited by anyone


[Player] is Mafia
[Player] is not Mafia

Defeat the Mafia

Banana Dragon

Vanilla Town

You have no special abilities of your own, but can vote and talk freely.

Defeat the Mafia


Mafia Goon

Your partner is [x]. You may talk to them during the night.
You have access to the factional kill action, which will be decided between you and your partner.

Defeat the Town

  • 48/24 phases
  • Banning system is Majority and Plurality. To vote for a ban, type /vote [put player’s name here] and ping the host in the same post.
  • Mafia chat is active at all times.
  • Hydras are legal, but not mandatory.
  • Post per phase cap of 150, lifted 2 hours before EoD
  • Minimum post requirement of 10 posts
  • WotM in effect

Lads (/join)

  1. The Scientists (katze / marshal)
  2. Romeo and Juliet (arete / ami)
  3. The Imperial Cult (Napoleon)
  4. TheBlueElixir
  5. Filler name (Wazza / DatBird)
  6. New World Order (ModeShifter / Centuries)
  7. Jane
  8. Filler name (Derps / Gorta)
  9. Filler name (Sulit / Orange)

Backup (/backup)

  1. amelia
  2. kyodaz

Spectator (/spec)

  1. maximusprime
  2. chloe
  3. crichard
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If I join now, can a hydra partner join up with me later?

Do hydra posts count additively?


maybe will join later? will have to see

is flavor AI



I might do hydra

shouldn’t be too hard on me if I do

do people want to do hydra

yes, but not after game is randed

hydra posts are counted between two heads

Do you wanna hydra with me :flushed:

I will hydra with the first person to request to hydra with me after this post

if nobody does i’ll backup

I see how it is

@Chloe if you wanna hydra lmk

if not I want marshal

hydra with me coward

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imagine marshal and kat having to share 150 posts per day phase between them

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fun fact

last time this set-up was run I was misexe’d for the first and so far the only time

let’s see if I can double it :upside_down_face:

im gonna slank this game


fuck i’m also gonna slank this game

with a marshalkatze hydra you are getting yote

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flavor is NAI

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if we hydra i can 100% promise you that will happen