Geyde PFPs Mafia

Micro-Setup hosted by Geyde


Rulebreaks will be handled in a case-by-case basis



Vanilla Town x6
Mafia Goon x2

Example Rolecards

The Man Behind the Slaughter

fine then die

You have multiple night abilities with one use each.

Watcher - Learn who visits the target player during the night.
Jailkeeper - Roleblock a player. They will also be protected from night kills.
Cop - Learn if the target is Mafia.

Example results:

[Player] was visited by [Player2]
[Player] was not visited by anyone


[Player] is Mafia
[Player] is not Mafia

Defeat the Mafia

Banana Dragon

Vanilla Town

You have no special abilities of your own, but can vote and talk freely.

Defeat the Mafia


Mafia Goon

Your partner is [x]. You may talk to them during the night.
You have access to the factional kill action, which will be decided between you and your partner.

Defeat the Town

  • 48/24 phases
  • Banning system is Majority and Plurality. To vote for a ban, type /vote [put player’s name here] and ping the host in the same post.
  • Mafia chat is active at all times.
  • Hydras are legal, but not mandatory.
  • Post per phase cap of 150, lifted 2 hours before EoD
  • Minimum post requirement of 10 posts
  • WotM in effect
  • No hidden messages allowed

Lads (/join)

  1. The Scientists (katze / marshal)
  2. Romeo and Juliet (arete / ami)
  3. The Imperial Cult (Napoleon)
  4. TheBlueElixir
  5. Filler name (Wazza / DatBird)
  6. New World Order (ModeShifter / Centuries)
  7. Jane
  8. Filler name (Derps / Gorta)
  9. Filler name (Sulit / Orange)

Backup (/backup)

  1. amelia
  2. kyodaz

Spectator (/spec)

  1. maximusprime
  2. chloe
  3. crichard

d1 end

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geyde’s brain, chicago 1871

flibbity flobbity flob
your very existence is a banana
if its unpeeled you will BE
but is that really what will happen
king dragon sends his regards
I will focus on what I need to do and then check the forums
checks the forums then checks the forums then checks the forums then checks the forums then checks the forums
about that flavor, doesn’t seem good
tbh crowdsourcing half of it doesn’t seem that bad
do people even enjoy serious flavor?
no, probably not
I’m going to give vague implications on how everything goes, then have a story about weird ass bullshit that goes on in geyde’s brain



Day 1 has started and will end in 48 hours, or when majority is reached. Majority is 5.


I just got out the bath smh.

gamer time

/vote Romeo and Juliet

hello lads


team fillername has to be scum

/vote The Scientists



…I hate it.

/vote Marshalkat


Look, here’s what’s going to happen:

We’re going to lynch someone, probably someone in the perceived lower half of skill level of the players in the game that had the most uninspired d1 by t0an and/or volume; hopefully we’re right

The wolves are going to SPK someone, probably orange if he’s a villager and/or has something that could be minimally construed as a correct fakepeek, and then some other $#@! may or may not happen and we’ll have NK/mechanical stuff to talk about

It’s hard to gin up enthusiasm when the real game isn’t actually going to start for the better part of 48 hours, and having [whoever votes me it will be someone] act like he’s all clever for voting me because there’s a 25% chance he could be right and have gotten in on the ground floor is just stupid, and it’s insulting that you think it would be at all productive regardless of my role

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Marshal copy and pastes something from scumchat:

didn’t even fill in the copypasta properly


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I read that but I’m going to act like I didn’t read it and I’m going to scumread you for it

kat said it would be funnier now i’m sad

By the way, apparently Dat won’t be here, he’s mowing the lawn.

Now I’m going to stop wasting posts since I forgot about the post limit.