also, a totally on-topic post, @Simon can you check discord

Simon starts with S and Science also starts with S so this is on topic

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as one of the non-hydras

I disagree

maybe because we lynched every single non hydra in a row but anyone with a hydra seems to have an a bit of an edge

but also we mightve just played bad

arguably the chance of playing bad is decreased when you have a partner to call you out on bad moves/help others see eye to eye with you

And yeah I completely agree that games should be either entirely hydras or no hydras to avoid lopsided engagements like that, I thought it was all hydras when I agreed to partner with sulit tbh


My reads generally aren’t that bad

My biggest issue is pushing my reads effectively

Also if we lynched arete D1 I think I would have solved but uh

lol tunnel

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I think this setup was town-sided - we just fucked up.

I think lynching Arete woulda increased the chances of happening but I dont know… but it would just give wolves another reason to push on me.

I don’t think TBE woulda voted me though. Gorta (who said he believed it was TvS) and orangelit (who townread Arete) may or may not have.

Hydras benefit town more than scum because town has an extra way to read hydras (allows players to read, is the hydra acting like town masons or wolf partners).

Also, sidenote.

I want to say this because I believe it.

Gorta is very underrated.

He’s a much better player than people see him.


if the PR doesnt die N1 id maybe agree

PR dying n1 just turns this into 9P mountainous which is scumsided

imo he has good reads, he’s just not super good at pushing them

i think this has happened in multiple of his games

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this setup is super swingy being a 9p with a PR

especially because this PR gets much better when 1 maf has died

the watcher and jailkeep both become better and a cop hitting a maf is just a GG

scum has a super low chance of winning if it’s d2 with 1 scum 5vt and 1 joat left

scum has a really good chance of winning if it’s 2 scum and 5 vt left

well actually watcher doesn’t really get better but scum will have no say over who is at risk of being watchered if there’s 1 person left and a watcher hit is GG

Hydra benefits town more than wolves.

Jailkeep becomes a better cop check once a scum dies yeah

agree but objectively speaking 5v2 is wolfsided as heck

well not really because no nightkill can still mean a no action happened or they hit the JK target

although a kill on a JK night is a greencheck

with only one scum alive, jk on a target when someone else dies that night is a greencheck on them
that’s how i had tmi on composite materials when you died

yes ofc it’s either or if no one dies

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my point being that a cop check is town or wolf

whereas JK is town or maybe wolf

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you are correct that a jk is not capable of producing redchecks
but it can produce greenchecks if there is only one scum member alive

which is why its power is boosted considerably once that becomes the case


JK scales with people dying which is why I think it’s always optimal to save it if you aren’t outted

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so these reads were good -arete



please self-pres as town