Your defense of nap here is that bad =/= wolfy

we can agree his mindset is bad but I think that it is specifically more likely to be wolfy, in poisonous mafia, for example he had a really good and clear mindset and was a shining pillar of villageriness. And this game, his mindset is so wack and convoluted and not good and I just don’t think it lines up with how he would play as villa. He said he would stop the playstyle change (and he did, and his posting is no longer utterly abhorrent) but I don’t think I buy that he thinks he needs a playstyle change or that his posting was 100% because of a playstyle change.

Also, sidenote, can people stop dismissing my pushes? All the fucking time I see “oh yeah it’s marshal he strongly believes his push so he’s town but it’s marshal so it’s probably nothing”

People, please man, woman, or person the fuck up and try to at least understand why I have a read instead of dismissing it as some sort of marshalism and my pushes as TvT.

Also this is post 420 I hope kat is proud.


I am only at post 130 or so, but I struggle to see which part is wolfy except from him trying to look townie but then would he do it in such a way?

Question, is that what he does when he’s TR’d / the game has been going on for over 24 hours, or is it that he just, plays completely differently even like 2 hours into the game?

To me at least, his mindset more, bad and lazy than scummy, maybe something strikes me as scum in the next 300 posts but right now I don’t see what you do see

I think it’s scummier that he stopped it than if he kept on going with it

I mean he probably has his reasoning to do this if he rolled town seeing how he just decided to do this randomly

I know it’s not referring to only me, but I definetly don’t think that

I think your line is thinking is town motivated but that some of the arguments are reachy which is normal because it was like 100 fricking posts into the game, Nappy is barely > Rand but I still think he’s town so far now I have to see later on if he improves

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It’s the fact that it’s performative. Performativity isn’t wolfy automatically, I am one of the most performative people regardless of alignment, but nap’s towngame is usually much more logical and reads-based, and here all of this floaty FPS-type things felt like a wolf trying to justify being unable to emulate townmeta as a playstyle change.

Even after that I feel like a lot of his posts have a strange tone to them, just super flighty and not serious, which is not what is expected from him as a player if he is town and which makes me think he is wolf.

his reaction to my pressure is just… okay. But when he wasn’t under pressure it feels like he was not motivated to solve, and not only because of him fixating on a playstyle change and dumb FPSes, but also because things like this (the "lol"s and "lmao"s at the end of these posts) feel like he’s just throwing the reads out there and not taking time to seriously analyse them.

I disagree but I see where you’re coming from, I don’t have the same level of meta as you do on him so obviously we will see things differently

Agree, as long as he doesn’t directly tell us why his change of playstyle happened, this could be true

He did say he was gonna change playsyle, I don’t know what he wanted to change his playstyle into but maybe he’s trying things dunno there

Eh I’d have to read another game of his

answer this btw

This also would require me to read something else

If I had to recommend a game of his to read i’d say poisonous mafia because that’s the game i’m basing a decent chunk of my meta off of and iirc his most recent towngame

I was also wolfing that game and a few others here were in it but I think this is best for insight into nap in particular

(Pretty sure this is what you’re looking for, and that I was Mafia):

NGL Marshal I don’t see it

It’s probably because there’s like only 1 other scum player so Nappy doesn’t play the same but

It’s hella different in my eyes

He was town in that game

so uh


Oh well then yeah opposite

so you agree that he was different that game and that there’s a clear difference in playsyles


vote him with me?

In an effort not to waste this post I will also say he was town in the vanilla nightless game wazza linked and I think that’s slightly more recent

not pressuring you to read it just saying it’s there if you want to read it.

Reading from this post

I like bird boi

Sulit is lit but Sulit tone is wack

Feels out of place

Why is everyone doing this


idk about this one tbh chief TBE screams town to me so far I don’t think scum TBE comes up with crazy priority posts

I shouldn’t be the one saying this but I’d like a reasoning :upside_down_face:

I like this post

I’m not going to quote the whole thing bc lol

Who are you and what did you do to Gorta

I like Gorta

It’s true that happens

I don’t like this post either but its probably me being paranoid about townies making complicated sentences

(Don’t ask why I quoted this part)

I like this but it’s because I’m biased agaisnt Jane thus I don’t know

I like TBE but I like phoneposting TBE less

This is bad

Does it make Nappy scummy

I don’t think

Ok I’m already tired and I don’t want to read anymore

/vote Sulit

Where am at rn

Also Sulit is going to be angry that I’m hyperfocusing on her slot but then haha i’m going to self meta my one scum game on MC where I got lynched for TMI’ing her :sunglasses:

ehh I don’t want to call it scum yet

Last post before I go to sleep

I think centuries is trying to justify nap not being scum even when he acknowledges the evidence is there because reasons

Like him thinking nap was maf in poison and talking about how different he was in those, and now saying he has reservations on using that read, is pretty clearly showing he doesn’t want to scumread nap.

@Centuries I don’t think you want to scumread napoleon. why don’t you want to scumread napoleon.

also for the record anyone who doesn’t push people because of joat softs is weak af lol
don’t not push for joat softs because you might not even be interpreting them correctly.

That is all

Marshal out

only 57 posts left


I don’t know

I kinda dont want because I thought he was town early on

I don’t have the energy to push him

There’s evidence but I’m not fine with so little being used

It’s mostly that you used a lot of arguments I didn’t agree with early on and now I don’t really know where we at despite the fact that yes you’ve presented good arguments

Going to use this post to say that I can’t sleep and that centuries’s perspective is much more likely to be town here because reading his posts it’s clear that what he says in this post

is true

so like

he’s town probably

i’m going to wake up and forget I wrote any of this

i’m not even sure if this is coherent


tired marshal things

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Conroy why do you scumread me?

If it’s for tone things there’s like an obvious reason why, I’m posting in sentences.

Like, this is one of the reasons why I don’t want to change my play style, people just get mad at me for not having a “good tone.”

Even though I’m specifically trying to change my tone.

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Meh. I don’t know. I should probably do things.

No one tell orange we’re L-2.

Hi Jane!

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Sure, whatever.

Like, this was not accusing you, and I don’t see how you could’ve even interpreted it as such.

In my next post, I basically defined what I thought preflipping meant, but you continue to drone on about me being wrong and bad for having a different meaning of preflipping, and you’re saying I’m shading you when I’m clearly not.

Then you ask me what I think preflipping means, because you realise we think it means different things.

But you just ignore my answer and continue to argue about this just for the sake of arguing about it.

It’s still bad. Like, just why would you make that kind of post about someone you should know is town?

Sure, whatever, I’ll just come back to you and kat closer to EoD then.

Play isn’t glorious whatsoever

I think it’s AI though, scum wouldn’t do a play that bad I feel

I don’t think it’s fake tbh

I don’t really get the reaction, why so angry

Eh self meta bad and all but I’d have to read more than one game of yours to know

I think retracting the idea of playing a new playstyle is bad look

This kinda bs tbh

Doesn’t sound like TMI ngl

I like this

I mean I can see the Nappy scum stuff but I also see a lot of stuff that tells me its town so I’d be inclined to townleaning him rn

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