I still think Arete is a wolf. :frowning:


in the end we were all wolves

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Yeah I was watching this game.

Thought the team was Marshal/Arete and that Arete flipping W would destroy Marshal.

Would probably re-eval if Arete flipped V though :man_shrugging:

we would have done the exact same shit as town, just because we were wolves doesn’t mean your argument was right

i dont think we really considered your reads when we killed you

it was more like

derpsgorta/TBE/arete are all tunneling eachother

orange/sulit is a strong slot not involved in this

there was a lot of soooooooooooooooooolit


i mean

i had low WiM and was always intending on slanking

but i was also a wolf with super low WiM and couldnt play the game properly



Arete thinking you were Joat at SoD was what made me think u were W/W lmao

but we purposely acted joaty and orange also joatread us :eyes:

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I had you guys as “self-resolving” not “joat”

we selfresolved at f5


fun game

good setup

good flavor

good hydra

good scumbuds

hydras / no hydra mix worked fairly well with postcaps because hydras couldn’t just drown people out




If you guys broke the cap D2 like I highly suspect

I think we actually won instead :face_with_monocle:

We were under posts I think

we kept track

we were close to breaking postcap on D2 but i made sure marshal never did

postcaps being lifted 2H before EoD were what saved us

Don’t worry marshkat didn’t break it

if scumchat werent deleted i’d show the several messages where i checked how close we were to breaking it

and the channel we had keeping track of EoD postcounts so we knew what to work with

heck geyde

143 post d1
247 before postcap lift

104 posts from me

kat 51 posts d1
79 posts before poscap lift

28 posts

In total we had 132 d2 before postcap lift

also, a totally on-topic post, @Simon can you check discord

Simon starts with S and Science also starts with S so this is on topic

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as one of the non-hydras

I disagree

maybe because we lynched every single non hydra in a row but anyone with a hydra seems to have an a bit of an edge

but also we mightve just played bad

arguably the chance of playing bad is decreased when you have a partner to call you out on bad moves/help others see eye to eye with you

And yeah I completely agree that games should be either entirely hydras or no hydras to avoid lopsided engagements like that, I thought it was all hydras when I agreed to partner with sulit tbh