[FM] Henry Stickmin Vig10er - Game Thread - Government (Town) Wins! (3/10)


Welcome to Henry Stickmin Vig10er! Hosted by @EliThePsycho and @Intensify


Follow the rules found here:

Additionally, for this game, a minimum requirement of 20 substantive, on-topic, game related posts per in game day are required. Posts that are explicitly or obviously made solely for the purpose of meeting this requirement do not count towards the minimum, nor do posts containing solely a vote. The first time a player fails to meet this requirement, they will be given a warning; the second time they fail to meet it, they will be replaced out. A player who zero-posts will be subbed out without a warning. This requirement may be reduced or waived if an execution is hammered early by majority.


Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vanilla
Government Vigilante
Toppat Clan Goon
Toppat Clan Goon

Sample Role PMs (these flavors will not be present)

Captain H. J. Canterbury (Vanilla)

Your weapons are your voice and your vote. Use them wisely.

Henry Stickmin (Government Vigilante)

Each night, you may target a player (not yourself). They die.

Reginald Copporbottom (Toppat Clan Goon)

You share a 24/7 private chat with your fellow members of the Mafia. Each night, the Mafia must kill a player outside your faction.

Right Hand Man (Toppat Clan Goon)

You share a 24/7 private chat with your fellow members of the Mafia. Each night, the Mafia must kill a player outside your faction.


  • This setup is a vig10er with Henry Stickmin flavor. Scum will be given flavor fakeclaims. Flavor solve at your own risk.
  • The uninformed majority is the Government. The informed minority is Toppat Clan. . There is absolutely no difference between these and town/mafia.
  • The Toppat Clan will communicate through a special Discord/Forum PM
  • No-execute is a valid vote, and may be hammered to end the day early. In cases where no-execute and another vote are tied at the end of the day, no-execute will have priority in the rand.
  • In cases where the votes are tied, the result will be randed with Discobot in spec chat.
  • Self votes are not valid votes.
  • Toppat Clan have a factional kill. It is mandatory, and must be performed every night.
  • All votes must be in the form /vote [name of player] (and ping the hosts/vc bots) to be considered valid, and all unvotes must be in the form /unvote (and ping the hosts/vc bots) This is to enable the smooth processing of votes.
  • Executions are both majority and plurality


  1. min - Calvin Bukowski - Died Night 2
  2. SirDerpsAlot - Norm Hexter - Died Night 1
  3. illumin8
  4. Gorta
  5. Appelsiini - Fredrick Muenster - Executed Day 2
  6. Light
  7. Marluxion - Victoria Grit - Died Night 1
  8. Jane - Sarah Coniffers - Executed Day 1
  9. Shurian - Paul Ascott - Died Night 2
  10. ArcticXI


  1. Marshal
  2. Chloe
  3. katze
  4. CRichard
  5. Mistyx


  1. Wazza
  2. ATNoName
  3. thepigeonnyc (uninformed)
  4. astand
  5. Amelia


Day 1 Begins!
Day 1 Ends! Jane (Sarah Connifers) is executed!
Day 2 Begins! SirDerpsAlot (Norm Hexter) and Marluxion (Victoria Grit) is dead!
Day 2 Ends! Appelsini (Fredrick Muenster) is executed!

Please do not talk yet. Game has not started.

Game will start at 2021-03-06T23:00:00Z

For now, enjoy yourself a nice sip of uhh some drink I guess as you wait for the game to begin…

This topic was automatically opened after 5 hours.

Do not speak. The game has not yet begun.

Hidden Government Camp

“You mean that guy who escaped The Wall?”

“Yeah that guy… uhh what was his name? Henry Stick- urm min?”

“Hmm yeah that rings a bell, but no way that’s his name, c’mon imagine being named Henry Stickmin… how stupid…”

“I’ve heard he’s actually quite the stickmin, stole the Tunisian Diamond and escaped a jail that one time.”

“Huh, he seems quite dangerous. Luckily he’s on our side”

“Wait what? I heard he was working with the Toppats as a spy?”

“Not sure, speaking of spies, news floating around that two of our guys are actually spies.”

“Crazy… you sure those aren’t rumors as well?”

“Well I’d be careful still even if they are rumors, damn Toppats.”

“Welp, we better get going. Meeting starts in 15 minutes.”

As all 10 of you walk into the meeting room, you are bestowed upon a horrible sight. Your team captain, Captain H. J. Canterbury, found dead on pinned onto the table with a javeline stuck in his torso. As you all try to comprehend what just happened, a TV turns on and you see someone… he has a smug face, looks kinda like this

You all recognize him as the infamous diamond theif and traitor, Henry Stickmin. He just keeps smugly looking at all of you before speaking. In sign language. Don’t question it

“Hello… please ignore the body. I ran into some… technical difficulties let’s just say setting this up. Welcome all of you. As you may have heard, there’s been recent rumors of two Toppat spies among you, and I’m here to confirm that is true. Two of you are not who you say you are and I thought I’d take the oppertunity to make it fun for myself,” he says.

Suddenly all the entrances shut down tight. You all look around but there’s no way to escape it seems.

“Don’t worry, you all won’t die here, or else that wouldn’t be fun would it? Plus I need to payback in grudge some of you Toppats for your leader throwing me off the airship that time. Here’s the deal, 8 of you are really who you say you are. The rest… are Toppates. You all have the entirety of this week to figure out who is who. If you kill all the Toppats, great! I’ll let you all go. If the Toppats kill you first… well let’s just say things won’t go so great. Otherwise, good luck”

“Oh, and one more thing. You remember Big Boy, the tank? Well, I’ve given one of you the key to Big Boy. Have fun with it.”

The TV powers off, but you can still see the smug face in the reflection. You all look around to each other, and you know what you must do now.

Day 1 has begun and will end in 48 hours, at 2021-03-08T23:00:00Z unless a hammer is reached beforehand!

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NAI Mass Pingus


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That is a very big ping list


NAI Mass Pingus attempt 2


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Currently at dinner so my activity might be spotty atm

If I randomly dip that’s why

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it started?

Yes. The game has started.

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I’ll be here in a bit

Also PSA I’m going to make an attempt to stick to like 150 posts per day other than 1-2 hours before eod

No promises to exactly how strict I’ll be able to stick to this


Hi, everyone!
I’m on the clock for a couple more hours but I figured I would say hello. I’ve watched a few games here and things go much faster than I’m used to haha! I need to get used to this forum’s UI and… speed xD

Nice to meet you all. Let’s have a good game! :slight_smile:

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You actually reminded me that im actually gonna try and be more serious kinda like I was in efol. I feel like I kinda have done better there compared to recently ngl

Hello! I take it you’re new here then? I hope it’s not too difficult to keep up. People on fol are definitely different from what I’ve looked at on other websites.