[FM] Henry Stickmin Vig10er - Game Thread - Government (Town) Wins! (3/10)

this was meant to be a small thing but then i just
kept typing :pensive:

I’m offended :laughing:

I find it curious that you didn’t mention me elsewhere in this post except to state that I’m within your PoE. This is the same with gorta! The last read I remember you having on me was a townread, too! What’s going on there? Care to explain?

I think you may be putting too much stock into the fact that wagons moved to an inactive villager, if Arctic is a villager as well (which I’m sort of inclined to believe, but will have to re-read to be certain).
Voting both Arctic and Marluxion resolves the thunderdome, and voting outside of Marluxion and Arctic allows wolves the easy opportunity to push the remaining one very easily today!

I hope to determine Arctic’s alignment today so I know what to look for with regard to votes! If I end up believing Arctic to be a wolf, I will be looking towards Shurian potentially, as well as you, for the shift over to Jane. If Arctic is a villager, I will look at people likely content with the situation and not offering much to sway the wagons in either direction. Shurian or you can still be a wolf in this world for reasons I stated in my last paragraph, and it will be easier to find you both outside of votecount analysis in my personal opinion.

I do not believe Appelsiini’s vote is indicative of anything alignment-wise and I think it is not smart to read into it. Jane was on the course to die regardless, and, though Appelsiini cut discussion off, there can be arguments made both ways for her vote, in that perhaps a wolf would not do something so… blatant. It’s quite easy for a wolf to nitpick this and use it to push an angle, so I will be stopping that now before it can happen.

In regards to SDA; I thought they were indeed the vigilante, and would not have voted Jane if not. I am not using this as WIFOM for people to read me off of, but rather to state that I disagree with the assessment that he was obviously not the vigilante, thus your conclusion that wolves are likely weak is faulty.

Finally; I am aware of my position in the thread as somebody easy for wolves to push without Marluxion here to townread me, and with my pivot to Jane being something easy to misconstrue. I, however, would like to let wolves know that I am quite the fighter, and pushing me will only serve to out you. :blush:

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This is also something I would like to note. I will be doing this shortly, but would like other people to give analysis as well!

You seem to forget me commenting on you and your wallpost. You’ve been generally trending downwards for me, although we haven’t had much interaction, and then no-voting when there’s potentially V/V/V wagons is :eyes:
There’s also the matter of nothing you do feels particularly towny
Even your wall posts are extremely basic and feel more like you’re trying to do something without actually providing any real reads or discussion

Gorta is a tree with almost entirely NAI posts, and he needs to be here and I’d put pressure on him if I didn’t think he would complain and then just continue to tree

@Aelin your poe sucks

Change it

I shot marl btw

/vote arctic @Intensify @EliThePsycho

Why is my PoE bad?
Are you going to argue that your vote on Jane wasn’t objectively horrible?

snaps neck
The question is
Yours or mine

Yes I will argue against it

Because the only reason why I voted jane was because nobody was listening to me on marl

So you voted the person you thought flipped V
What, are you trying to emulate my Umineko play?

Please point me to the post responding to my wallpost, as I have indeed forgotten!

Also, you are entirely ignoring or forgetting the context behind me being a nonvoter at the end of the Day. Jane was at L-1 and I wanted to allow for more discussion. After that, wagons were quite set and I saw no reason to get back on. Along with this ‘:eyes:’ does not a wolf make. Tell me why this is wolfy to you using words.

Regarding nothing I’m doing being particularly townie; of course I disagree! Entirely, in fact. I feel I am easy to pick out as nobody here has experience with me, and I am quite alone in the thread. I don’t fully believe you to be a wolf, but I don’t truly feel like you’ve read my posts if you think nothing I’ve done is notable. I feel I have done nothing BUT try to provide reads and kickstart discussion, as well as analyze worlds outside of what is considered consensus.

I am absolutely willing and able to argue against any case brought against me, and none of the bullets you have brought up are convincing outside of the first level of scumhunting. We are on Day 2, and I am sure you can do better than this.

Regarding gorta, do you not agree that his take regarding me is sort of clearing? I am with you in that he has next to zero content and should not be removed from the PoE, though I still think him more likely to be a villager than not. If he is a villager, he is also a very easy push for wolves to make, especially with his top supporter being now dead.


I said I scumread him as well as me explicit saying I didn’t think there was town in arctic/marl

If you want to convince me otherwise please do

I would rather you unvote, please! All it takes is two people who have not read the thread to hammer this accidentally, which I would like to avoid.

I will pretend your vote is there in spirit.

/unvote @Intensify @EliThePsycho

alright sorry


I can’t type

[quote=“Light, post:805, topic:86941”]

[quote=“illumin8, post:772, topic:86941”]

this means nothing because they don’t elaborate on it

[quote=“illumin8, post:772, topic:86941”]

this feels rather disjointed
like, they had something small and then went “maybe I shouldn’t have something small” and tried to expand on it a little bit
regarding the second part, he literally said that he can’t describe or explain it and yet, illumin8 is calling it “rather specific” when all Marl is doing is bringing up why he’s decent at picking out tones

[quote=“illumin8, post:772, topic:86941”]


[quote=“illumin8, post:772, topic:86941”]

level 1 thoughts that are incredibly basic
i don’t disagree that it’s kinda odd that marl kinda just… stopped pushing me but this actually makes me feel like Marl’s towny because I know he literally just jumps from his strongest scumread to his strongest scumread from moment to moment
and as scum he’d much rather keep his options open and try and put pressure on multiple people

[quote=“illumin8, post:772, topic:86941”]

level 1 thought and didn’t add any of their own analysis or whether or not they agreed

Quoting on phones is hellish

I am very much not a fan of Light’s start to this day.

I also do not believe this to be OMGUS, as I disagree with a majority of his takes, not including me.


Eod makes arctic look worse imo


You’re right, this alone doesn’t make you a wolf
But the entire non-commital aspect is even to raise my singed eyebrows