[FM] Please Don't Hate Me FM: Mad17 Edition: Final Day [3/17]

Please Don’t Hate Me FM: Mad17 Edition

Hosted by @clonedcheese and @Atlas

Reviewed by @Geyde

Alt-modded by @DatBird

Looking for co-hosts and/or VC bots

Why do people hate me?

Flavor will be things a lot of people hate, scum flavor based on my very own unpopular opinions! (Don’t worry they’ll get fakeclaims :stuck_out_tongue:)


  • Follow the global forum rules and the Forum Game rules
  • Don’t discuss this game outside of host-sanctioned threads/private messages.
  • Please be respectful to all players.
  • Don’t weaponise the host.
  • Please do not use big text, it is reserved for the host.
  • Do not edit or delete posts. Quickedits for grammar, typos, and/or readability will be allowed, but any edit of content will be modkilled.
  • Do not quote host private messages.
  • Do not gamethrow. This includes anything that goes against your stated win condition.
  • If you do not post for 36 gameplay hours, you will be prodded for inactivity. If you do not respond within the next 12 hours, you will be forced to replace out or modkilled.
  • Any activity tells will receive newspaper to head :angry:


  • Days will last 48 hours, and nights will last 24 hours.
  • This is a Mad17 Setup.
Setup Description

13x Town
4x Mafia

Of the following 18 roles, 1 will randomly be discarded and the other 17 will be assigned at random to one player in the game without regard for the player’s alignment. Each role is restricted to using its action only on the nights listed on the chart. The Mafia will be told which role is not present in the game.

Role Acts On These Nights Modifier
Watcher n1 Only Macho
Watcher n2 Only
Alignment Cop n2 Only 1x Ninja
Alignment Cop n3 Only 1x Ninja
Vigilante n2 Only
Vigilante n3 Only
Doctor n1, n3
Doctor n2, n4
Tracker n1, n3 1x Strongman
Tracker n2, n4 1x Strongman
Jailkeeper n1, n3
Jailkeeper n2, n4
Roleblocker n1, n3
Roleblocker n2, n4
Role Cop n1, n2, n3 1x Strongman
Jack of All Trades
(Role Cop, Tracker, Roleblocker) n1, n2, n3
Jack of All Trades
(Doctor, Jailkeeper, Voyeur) n1, n2, n3
Voyeur n1, n2, n3, n4 1x Strongman
Role Cards


You may watch a player each night. If that player is visited, you learn the names of all the players that used a night action on that player that same night.

Alignment Cop

You may target one player and learn whether they are town or mafia.


You may choose one player to kill.


Each night you may protect one player from death.


Each night you may follow one person. If they visit somebody, you will know who.


Each night you may lock somebody up, preventing them from using any night actions but also protecting them from death.


Each night you may block a player from successfully performing their night action.

Role Cop

Each night you have the ability to investigate one player to see what they can do at night. You will be told their role, but not their alignment.

Jack of All Trades

Every night you may use any one of your three actions, but you may only use each one once per game.

Your three actions are either Role Cop, Tracker, and Roleblocker or Doctor, Jailkeeper, and Voyeur

See the other role cards to learn what these actions do.


Each night you may target a player and learn what night actions, if any, they were targeted by.

Role Modifiers


You cannot be protected from nightkills in any way.


You are able to perform night actions without being detected as having targeted anyone by Trackers, Watchers, etc.


If you perform a kill, you have immunity against this action being manipulated with or protected against.

  • Role reveals at death are alignment only . You will not learn a player’s exact role when they die.
  • Usage of night actions is optional, but unused actions will be lost.
  • Mafia factional kills are optional . Mafia may submit a factional kill each night, but are not required to. However, starting night 5, the factional kill will be mandatory.
  • Mafia factional kills are assigned. They can be tracked, watched, or roleblocked.
  • Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction.
  • Mafia members may perform the faction kill in addition to their regular action at the same time.

Dead players may choose to become a VC bot.


  • To accuse a player, bold your message and type /vote [player] or /accuse [player] , and ping the hosts. Any vote that do not ping both hosts will be void.
  • Should majority be reached on a player, they will be executed and the day finishes early.
  • Should no majority be reached, plurality will take effect and the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be executed. In the case of a tie, no executions will occur.


  • There are no logs in this game, although players may be allowed to post cat pictures when they flip at the discretion of the host.


Go wild lmao

Contact @DatBird and myself in a private message

Other Notes:

If every player wishes the skip the night, the night will be skipped. Type /skip night or something in your rolecard.

Player List:

  1. EliThePsycho
  2. NANOOK WindwardAway - Died N2
  3. Illwei - Executed D4
  4. Ari_2412
  5. Rue ATNoName - Executed D3
  6. Luxy - Died N3
  7. Squirrel2412
  8. Ruri - Executed D6
  9. Leafia - Executed D1
  10. Kaif
  11. Kanave - Died N5
  12. SirDerpsAlot
  13. Silviu200530 BradLand
  14. Blitz MathBlade - Executed D5
  15. Marluxion - Died N2
  16. Nuclear_Rehab - Executed D2
  17. Nightingale - Died N3



  1. Zone_Q11
  2. GGhana
  3. WindwardAway
  4. Emilia
  5. Wisp
  6. Chloe


  1. DatBird (informed)
  2. Katze
  3. TrustworthyLiberal
  4. Marshal
  5. thepigeonnyc (informed)
  6. KyoDaz

Useful links:



17 people walk into the building. Immediately, they are each handed a flyer reading thusly:

Welcome to HateCon 2021, the world’s largest gathering of universally hated things!

The welcome message from our Dear Leader, none other than Mr. Death himself. will commence in the Main Hall 1 at 11:00!

In the meantime, feel free to check out the many booths in Main Hall 2!

Event Directory

Time Event Name Location
12:00 1+1=Window: How to be Annoying With Math Skiles 371
Patronization 101 Van Leer 320
Panel: Is There Such a Thing as “Too Much”? Brittain Rec Hall
13:00 Meet the Annoying Orange! Clough 224
Being Loud: The Fine Line Between Yelling and Screaming Skiles 371

The rest of the page seems to be soaked in something - for some people it’s brown, for others it’s orange, for one unfortunate it appears to be melting their costume.

Excited, the seventeen head on into the Main Hall…

Game has not started. Do not talk.


All players, please indicate your ideal SoD/EoD times.

  • 11am EST
  • 12pm EST
  • 1pm EST
  • 2pm EST
  • 3pm EST
  • 4pm EST
  • 5pm EST

0 voters

Game has not started, do not post.


7pm EST is now an option. Like this post to vote for it.


The game will most likely start 2021-10-05T21:00:00Z, although we are still waiting on a few more votes.

Game has not started. Do not talk.

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Reminder: please confirm with words in your rolecards that you have received your role so that we may start the game promptly.


Hi, I’m here for my 13:00 panel?


Just down the hall sir you’ll see your green room - we’ll get you situated soon.


Final notice: the game will begin at 2021-10-05T21:00:00Z.

See you then!



*crowd cheering*

A man walks out onto the main stage amid smoke pillars and strobe lights. The seventeen join in among the cheering crowd, although a few seem hesitant to do so...

“I am of course, your President and Glorious Leader David John Death, and it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to our tenth annual HateCon!”

*more cheering*

"Today is a special day for many of us. It is a day when we can step away from our day-to-day lives, to step away from the monotony of the world. A day to act “out of line,” insane even, to pretend as if we enjoy the absolutely horrendous things the plague humanity today. A day to claim to like the garbage that each of us are presenting today, "


*cheering, grunting, a T-Shirt cannon fires into the air from the crowd to drop a shirt depicting hangnails*

“Looks like everyone is excited! Well then, a few housekeeping things to keep in mind:”

“First, I hope everyone keeps in mind that every singe individual here is being sarcastic or satirical - no one, absolutely no one, should enjoy anything they are representing here in earnest. We all know that if this were not HateCon, we would publicly condemn each and every thing represented here today.”

A cheer erupts, but this time a little less enthusiastic for some reason. A few among the seventeen seem to be fidgeting...

“Second, we have some excellent presenters here today, who have all worked extremely hard to make your HateCon experience more enjoyable. In fact, you may recognize some of them; this year, we are very fortunate to have invited Mr. Annoying Orange - say hi, Orange!”


Hello everyone!


“He’s scheduled for a meet and greet in a little more than an hour in Clough 224 as well as more times throughout the day, so be sure to get out there and meet him! HateCon wouldn’t be possible without amazing presenters like him, so make sure to thank them at the end of each presentation!”

*applause and cheering*


While Mr. Death was speaking, two people dressed as FBI agents had rushed up to the stage. They had interrupted the speech, and seems to be whispering to Mr. Death.

“I profusely apologize for that, everyone. We seem to have an issue.”

The crowd begins to murmur. Something is clearly going on.



“We have reports of numerous individuals sneaking into HateCon uninvited, who wish to represent things that should clearly not be hated! They wish to make fun of us, to make us seem like we hate these perfectly fine things!”

The crowd begins to look around at one another, and chaos erupts at the far right side of the hall. Someone dressed as a small black kitten, with a tattered costume of a traffic jam that was apparently ripped apart by the crowd around him, desperately tries to escape the hall.

“These heretics somehow bypassed our security and now wish to claim these perfectly fine things should be hated! This shall not be accepted!”

*battle cry, the crowd raises their hands as if raising pitchforks*

“According to security, there are apparently four ringleaders, who entered in a group of seventeen. Find them, and let’s kick them out of the convention!”

*stronger battle cry*

“Well other than that, there seems to be little else to cover. I declare that HateCon 2021 has officially begun - enjoy your day!”

Mr. Death leaves the stage, leaving the room buzzing with a combination of excitement and suspicion. The seventeen turn to each other and start pointing fingers.

Will they successfully catch the infiltrators? We'll just have to see...

Day 1 has begun and will end 2021-10-07T21:00:00Z. With 17 alive, 9 votes are required for a hammer.


Massping Pt.1:

Massping Pt.2:

Hello there!

Hardclaim JK

I thought this didnt start for another 2 hours :pensive:

How do i vote here again

/vote Leafia @clonedcheese