[FM] Quantum Mafia - Game Thread - Mafia Victory

I will keep mechanics explanations in the signups topic, as that’s bit of a lot to copy:


  1. Leafia → KyoDaz
  2. EliThePsycho Town Voyeur - Hugged day 4
  3. an_gorta_pratai
  4. Simon → - Vanilla Town - Dead Night 2
  5. Marluxion Vanilla Town - Hugged day 5
  6. Shurian
  7. WazzaSirDerpsAlot → - Vanilla Town - Dead Night 3
  8. Magnus → - Town Cop - Dead Night 1
  9. SirDerpsAlot Town Roleblocker - Hugged day 2
  10. ChopChop
  11. Jane → - Vanilla Town - Dead Night 4
  12. YouButWorse
  13. PokemonKidRyan - Mafia Goon - Hugged day 3
  14. Zone_Q11
  15. RomeSirDerpsAlot → - Vanilla Town - Dead Night 5
  16. LiLi041
  17. WindwardAway


Game information

Game Host: @eevee
Shire has been lynched: @eevee_bot
Quantum Physics Nerd and Co-Host: @Icibalus
Oh god, we need more reviewers! - Arete, Chloe, DatBird, Sulit, Geyde

Days - 48 hours long
Nights - 20 hours long
Time for host to process all the superpositions of night actions - 4 hours long

Total - 48 / 20 / 4

Number of games randed: 6000

Town wins when all threats to town have been eliminated.
Mafia wins when they achieve parity, regardless of alive PRs.


  1. No hugging is enabled. Vote for “/no hug” to forgo a hug for given day.
  2. Tied votes will result in no elimination.
  3. Majority is NOT in effect.

Also, please follow the Global Forum Rules as well as the FM/FoL Rules

Action processing order:

  1. Maf Kill
  2. Maf RC
  3. Maf RC
  4. Cop
  5. MDet
  6. Voyeur
  7. Maf Kill
  8. E Vig
  9. Doc

Sending the rolecards out.

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All rolecards were sent out.

Voting thread created:

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Hello Humans.

Day 1 begins.

Leafia is now 0% dead!

EliThePsycho is now 0% dead!

an_gorta_pratai is now 0% dead!

Simon is now 0% dead!

Marluxion is now 0% dead!

Shurian is now 0% dead!

Wazza is now 0% dead!

Magnus is now 0% dead!

SirDerpsAlot is now 0% dead!

ChopChop is now 0% dead!

Jane is now 0% dead!

YouButWorse is now 0% dead!

PokemonKidRyan is now 0% dead!

Zone_Q11 is now 0% dead!

Rome is now 0% dead!

LiLi041 is now 0% dead!

WindwardAway is now 0% dead!


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my chances of being anything other than a VT is low so I’m sad and disappointed.

I mean… I think that’s natural.

2% Cop
50% vill
20% concentrated power of will


isn’t it the same for everyone? greatest odds for everyone will be VT till timelines start collapsing.


alright time to decide who I don’t want to play with.

Alright who to destroy

/vote Wazza

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eeveebot doesn’t understand your command, silly


Can i suggest a joining of hands

can we all vote ourselves d1

in which universe are we joining hands, and how many hands do we have