[FM Queue] Queues and Submit thread



To host a game please express in this thread that you want to host it. When you do so, please provide the following information:

  • Your game name
  • Who is hosting it
  • Size of your game
  • Game speed (what are the day/night cycles)
  • Game type (what category of mafia does it fall under).

This game has to be completed to be put in the In Review section. This includes everything, such as the OP and rolecards.
A reviewer will be assigned to you after that.

Example Format

Game Name: D&D Monster Manual Mafia
Main Host: DybuDabu
Game Size: 13
Game Speed: 36/12
Game Type: Standard

Game Name:
Main Host:
Game Size:
Game Speed:
Game Type:

Game Types

Current Game Types Include:
FoL: The Website’s premiere game, handled by the FOL Balance Team
SFoL: A variant of FoL
Vanilla FM: Games with only vanilla roles that are open/semi open. List of roles
Standard FM: Like Vanilla but closed.
Special FM: An FM game that does not fit the above categories.
Mash/Mini Mash: Like any of the FMs but 20+ people for Mini and 30+ people for Mash

Subcategories that exist but are not needed:
Anon: all alt game
Comp: Competitive Game

For a more detailed explanation of game types, read the Official Hosting Guide


[Game Name] [Main Host] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Status] [Reviewer] [AltMod]
Return of the Darkness - Upick Icibalus + Dat 17 48/24 Special Ongoing Dat
SFoL 66: Old Ruins FoL 2 Wazza 16 48/24 SFoL Signups Geyde

Waiting to Start

[Game Name] [Main Host] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Start Date] [Reviewer] [AltMod]
Sonic the Heghog FM katze & Geyde 13 48/24 Standard After Sfol 66 Dat
Darling in the FranXX Mafia osieorb18 21 48/24 Special After UPick Geyde
NFOL5 Datbird 16 48/24 NFOL After Sonic FOL Balance Team

In Review

[Game Name] [Main Host] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] [Start Date] [Reviewer]
SFoL 69 𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖: 🅖🅡🅐🅝🅓 🅘🅓🅔🅐 Geyde 16+ 48/24 SFoL x Future DatBird
Warrior Cats FM thepigeonnyc 15 48/24 Vanilla Summer orangeandblack5
Triangle Marathon 2 - Trouble In Terrorist Town Twil1ight 13 48/24 Standard x Geyde
Yandere and Companies Mafia Trustworthy Liberal 16 48/24 SFM x Arete
PJO FM Light 13 48/24 Special x DatBird
Mafia Trials Twil1ight 9 48/24 Vanilla x x
Geyde’s Madness FM Geyde (holy shit) 17 48/24 Vanilla x Kat/Osie
Catgirl Bomb Nightless: Burnt Tail Italy + Amelia 12 48/0 Vanilla/Anon x x

Work In Process

[Game Name] [Main Host] [Game Size] [Game Speed] [Game Type] x [Reviewer]
Evo Mafia 2 sulit 12-14 48/24 Standard
Officiant Grand Idea ChopChop 20 48/24 Standard
Dragalia Lost: Shattered Timeline Insanity 24 48/24 Minimash
Danganronpa on the Clocktower thepigeonnyc 14 48 Misc
History UPick clonedcheese lmao 48/24 UPick
The Ship - Homicide Party GGhana 9 . Misc
BTD6FM Wazza&Dat 21 48/24 Special
Puzzle Competition Arete 1-infinity 24 Misc
Ancient Domains of Mafia: Welcome to Hell GGhana 15 48/24 Special
Natural Wonders FM CRichard564, WindwardAway and KyoDaz. 19 48/24 Vanilla x eevee
Don’t Starve Misc EliThePsycho + Intensify 16 (?) lol Misc
The Circle Wazza + Dat 8-12 ??? Misc
Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Dat 9 Ambiguous Misc
Neo Community Forum Mafia Marluxion 21 48/24 Special
Umineko FM III - Banquet of the Golden Witch Nightingale 18 48/24 Special
Questions FM Zone_Q11 15 48/24 Special x x


[Game Name] [Main Host] [Game Size] [Small Description] [Start Date]
Forum Battle Royale Whysper 10-20 Battle royale on a tiled map with simultaneous turns. Ongoing
Death City Alice 18 A VLDR-style game with intrigue and betrayal as a focus point. Signups
VLDR 3 Trustworthy Liberal + Zone_Q11 12 Mix of Zero Escape and Danganronpa May
Fyre Light + Arete + hopefully some others 18 A game focused on the fact that you all are murderous maniacs and feeds you bloodlust. Cheaper than therapy! Mid-June

Miscs do not have to go through review to be placed in the misc queue, but should be posted as a reply regardless. The misc queue exists to visualize the placement of your game. Each user may have only 1 misc queued at a time. Reviewers/mods reserve the right to not allow your game to run.


Game Name: Ships Mafia
Main Host: eevee
Game Size: 26
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: Minimash

Game Name: Vanilla Game™
Main Host: eevee
Game Size: 17
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: VFM (?)

Game Name: D&D Cop13
Main Host: Geyde
Game Size: 13
Game Speed: 36/12
Game Type: VFM

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Game Name: Watch Your Mouth!: Sophomore Year
Main Host: PoisonedSquid
Game Size: 18
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: SFM?
Could this also be considered a VFM? It’s similar to the first Watch Your Mouth, but with new roles

Game Name: Mountanous (I’m pretty sure this just means full vanilla don’t bully me if I’m wrong)
Main Host: Myself and Maxwell
Game Size: 12-13
Game Speed: 36/12
Game Type: VFM

Game Name: 15p Mountainous
Main Host: Arete
Game Size: 15
Game Speed: 48/24
Game Type: VFM


Confirm that date is fine with you.

putting in candlelight
@Luxy has reviewed it already

I’m still editing it rn.


It’s been reviewed and is ready to go, right?

since October yea, if you wanna look over it i can add you to the pm i had with luxy

No, I more need Luxy online os they can arrange games they reviewed in some logical order.

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Wait what

Dat said he was starting on the 18th

Host confirmation necessary

If that’s true… we have nothing which we can immedietly run.
Closest ones ion each queue were 32 and 37 which won’t fill any fast.

@Geyde, it’s standard Cop 13, right?
If Dat confirms they can’t run JoJo rn, open signups for it.

You can run mine and maxwell


2 mountainous are not gonna be hosted shortly one after another.
I’m leaving it up to you to decide something.

@Arete ?

If that question mark is intended to denote a question it’s going to need to be more specific

This is my way of saying ‘no, I don’t have an easy and obvious answer that will resolve every problem that one might conceivably desire to’

I have it on standby