[FM] Ritual Mafia IV -- Day 4 (7/16) -- Heretics and Traitor Win!

But see, that’s the kind of read that makes me terrified that my brain is just randing reads instead of actually making them.

arete being LW would explain why my read on them has been weird as hell all game

but my guts telling me theyre just a willager

Kat, do you mind staying up past your arbitrary bedtime for a moment to help me out?

kat, do you have a v!arete and a w!arete game on hand?

its almost 6am

i don’t plan to be up too much longer but ill be up a bit since i just ate



first two that come to mind

i’m going to solve arete while listening to a relaxing megalovania remix from homestuck

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as if taunting me, the name of the song is “yeah it is” and it only becomes recognisably megalovania halfway through

also I feel like trying to read Arete tonally off of Evo when on one day they were basically RPing Karkat is a bit of a fool’s errand


when else have they been groupscum lemme think

I should be sleeping, but I do not agree 100% with Arete. I do think that Arete is town and I hate that. My mind is telling me that Arete is a wolf, but my gut says otherwise.

All I’m saying is that your slot is Questionable™ because of that, especially given your voting patterns.

I understand 100%


oh yeah this is why arete cant be LW



I’m probably going to bed For Real now but FM2 off-site https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/game-thread-fm2-deadnight/368768/ is my most recent example of a non-LW wolf game and Candlelight here is my most recent non-Evo non-3p example of a wolf game

but werent the wolves in candlelight LWs


hence why FM2 is my most recent example of a non-LW wolf game


@Icibalus My slot is in a odd spot, but I inherited a very scummy slot and am trying to correct that.

And quite frankly, I don’t care what you have to say about your own slot in this game.

I want you to know that you aren’t crazy for thinking that Nappy looked scum.