[FM] Ritual Mafia IV -- Day 4 (7/16) -- Heretics and Traitor Win!

U are just like me then lol

If we’re done, I’m going to sleep by the way. 12AM here. Will read through the latter part of the discussion tomorrow, will form new opinions if they happen to do so.

I mean I still think you’re a wolf

but I’m not going to object to you sleeping

other than sfol56 and sfol58 have you had other neutral games

I was neut in both GI games and Virtuous II

also in SFoL 55 but I was a highposter there

(and NK in EFoL 3 but that doesn’t exactly count)

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factchecking with whatever games i can think of, favoring games you lived all game


sfol56, you were a neutral with 453 posts (out of 7233)


in sfol58, you were a neutral with 722 posts (out of 8035)


in derps’ grand idea, you had 153 posts (out of 2699) but you also died N1, D1 ended with 916 posts


fol24, you were bd -> unseen with 625 posts (out of 4663)


evo mafia, you were “LW” (who knew all the scum) with 771 posts (out of 8402)


poisonous mafia, you were town with 640 posts (out of 6836)


i won’t count sfol55 since you were king

i don’t think the numbers here are terribly different except in SFoL56


I guess I can highpost as neut

this setup has no neutrals so idk why i even bothered with that


your highest posting game that i noted you were LW tho


arete if you’re LW you have to compulsively like this post

Forgotten Howling.
A sad separated pack.
Is all my hope lost?

I didn’t like it therefore I am confirmed not traitor

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arete if you’re the LW this game i will be very sad with you postgame

i don’t like this post

anyway memes aside

i think im still pretty comfortable with my vote on arete

i thought EoD would be in 5h but it’s apparently in 29 hours so i guess there’s time to redeem yourself areet

I wish I was the lost wolf :confused:


you wanna trade classcards?

can you take a look at Appel for me

specifically at the supposed thought process behind her reads

thats what i said about it earlier

but give me a bit to deal with my family wanting my attention and i’ll acutally reeval the posts in question

Given this setup, my claim was actually gross lmao