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Reviewed by @Geyde who is just @katze from the past


Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules . Please make sure you have enough time for this game before you sign up.

A minimum of 20 game-relevant posts must be posted every day. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a forced replacement. However, hosts reserve the right to replace without a warning should we believe that a potential extended period of lowposting will result in a significant drop of game quality.

This will be strictly enforced.


The six players will be arranged into two groups, Group A and Group B. Both groups will have two members of the Town, and one member of the Mafia. The groups will be announced at the start of the game.

On Day 1, both groups must vote out a player in their group.

  • If both groups vote out their Mafia member, Town wins.
  • If one group votes out a member of the Mafia, while the other group votes out a member of the Town, The game will go into Night. The voted out Mafia will be given 24 hours to vengefully kill one player in their group, and the game will continue to D2. The two Mafia can talk freely during these 24 hours.
  • If both groups vote out a member of the Town, the two voted out members will be given 24 hours to unanimously decide on somebody to shoot. This will be done in a private chat, during the Night phase.
    • If they shoot a third member of the Town, Mafia wins.
    • If they shoot a member of the Mafia, then the game will continue to D2.
    • If the two players cannot unanimously decide on a target, the Mafia will be given both players’ choices. They will be given an additional hour (this will extend Night phase) to choose a player to kill from those choices.

If Day 2 occurs, it will play out like a regular 3 player LyLo situation. Votes will be locked on Day 2, but not prior.

Days will be 48 hours long.



You are a member of the Town! You are in [Group A/Group B].

Eliminate both members of the Mafia, while at least one member of the Town is still alive.


You are a member of the Mafia! You are in [Group A/Group B].

Reach equal numbers with the Town.

Example Rolecard with Flavor™️

Orange Justice

You are a member of the Town! You are in [Group A/Group B].

Eliminate both members of the Mafia, while at least one member of the Town is still alive.

This flavor is not present in the game.


Town (Group A)
Town (Group A)
Town (Group B)
Town (Group B)

Mafia (Group A)
Mafia (Group B)


  1. DatBird
  2. Arete
  3. Surge
  4. GGhana
  5. an_gorta_pratai
  6. SirDerpsAlot

Group A

  1. DatBird - Executed D1 - Best Mates
  2. Arete - Vengekilled N1 - Apex Legends
  3. Surge

Group B

  2. an_gorta_pratai - Executed D1 - Default Dance
  3. SirDerpsAlot


  1. clonedcheese
  2. PokemonKidRyan
  3. Mistyx


  1. KyoDaz (uninformed)
  2. Marshal (uninformed)
  3. astand (informed)
  4. Conduit (uninformed)
  5. min (informed)
  6. TheBlueElixir (uninformed)
  7. Appelsiini (uninformed)
  8. Trochilidae (uninformed)
  9. thepigeonnyc (uninformed)
  10. sulit (uninformed butter)


EoD1: DatBird (A) and an_gorta_pratai (B) dead!
EoN1: (A)rete dead! also Marshal default dance is around here somewhere
EoD2: GGhana (B) dead! Town wins!

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To clarify: Majority is enabled, but flips won’t occur until 48 hours pass in a day or both groups reach majority.

If a group hits majority, all members of that group will not be allowed to speak for the rest of the phase.

Votes are not locked on Day 1.

The day will start at 2020-10-27T18:00:00Z.

The groups will be announced at the Start of Day 1.


Six fighters sit side-by-side in the battlebus, fidgeting with anxiety as they prepare to enter the arena below. Questions race through their minds as they consider every possible scenario - who should they be afraid of? Can they afford to form alliances? And most importantly… where will they drop?

Day 1 has begun!

Group A: @DatBird, @Surge, @Arete

Group B: @GGhana, @an_gorta_pratai, @SirDerpsAlot

With three players in each group, majority is two.

This also serves as the host ping because katze is highly intelligent

Day ends 2020-10-29T18:00:00Z or after majority is reached in both groups.


Oh shit this is ez mode. We landed on tilted towers with no one around. I’ll be on PC in a bit, but I think group A has some easier play

So can we shitpost in here? What do we do?

I think technically the optimal configuration is 1 easy-to-read person in each category, I was doing some math about that in sign-ups

on the other hand this is great for my personal ability to solve my group

Basically the mindset of everyone in group A is to clear one person pretty much. Surge is usually a easy clear when I look at it from my pov. And Arete prob has it easiest as both surge and I have easy clears to them.


what was the last (completed) game you played, and what did you learn from it?

my last-played game was a 15p game on the Syndicate, I learned that I shouldn’t just basically AFK out a LyLo because I think I have it solved


I have 0 clue how surge reads people so his pov is a lot harder to see which way he solves towards. Me or Arete. But basically as long as we can clear one person each. We should be good. Now if it’s like a circle of clears then things get difficult. But reminder as town we want scum to vote first as they can strike majority with any misplaced vote. That goes for both groups. As like any misplaced votes can easily be rain down upon by majority

if scum want to out themselves by quickhammering I’m not going to complain

I’m confusing it between two games. It was either anom game where I learned just spit out reads constantly and how yo be more of a town leader. And whatever game I replaced into where I basically learned willagers still suck and never forget to back read everyone in a while as that’s how i found eli


do you have any thoughts that aren’t on the mechanics of the set-up

Fair enough, this system even though it’s just three lylos does leave room for easy scum finds like that

And I do want it to be clear to both groups. Dont just solve ur side. Being a team player for both groups is what wins town this game

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Currently no. As u are the only one here other than the quick poppin by gghana and I feel a good majority of ur content are Ice breakers. Like to me ur just null atm

see the issue I’m having is that

is basically how I feel about you

like you’re just talking about set-up stuff and volume tells aside I don’t think I can read you just based on talking about set-up stuff