[FM] Sussy Jungle Oligarchy - CANNED

Jungle Oligarchy run by @Geyde


Rulebreaks will be handled in a case-by-case basis, prioritizing precedence.

Hosts are Geyde and Dat



Vanilla Crewmate x8
Fortnite x3
Impostor x2

Example Rolecards

Vanilla Crewmate

You have no special abilities of your own, but can vote and talk freely.

You win when all threats to the crewmates have been eliminated and there is at least one crewmate player alive.


Your partners are [x] and [y]. You may talk to them during the day and night.
During the day, you must submit a list of 3 players, which can change throughout the day. At the start of night, the list is made public in-thread; if the Impostors choose to nightkill, the target must be one from the list.

You win when at least half of the living players are fortnite, or when nothing can prevent this from happening.


Your partner is [x]. You may talk to them during the day and night. You also have a factional kill which must target a non-Impostor player. However, the target must be one from the list posted in-thread (if there is no list, then you may choose freely). If a day ends in No Execution, then this factional kill becomes mandatory.

You win when at least half of the living players are impostors and at least crewmate role remains, or if you obtain full majority, or when nothing can prevent this from happening.

  • 48/24 phases
  • Banning system is Majority and Plurality. To vote for a ban, type /vote [put player’s name here] and ping the host in the same post.
  • Post per phase cap of 200, which is lifted 2 hours before EoD and in MyLo/LyLo.
  • Minimum post requirement of 15 posts per phase
  • WotM in effect…but not really. Not going to be harsh about this.
  • VCs will be added to the OP after the day ends.

Endgame Mech:

  • Fortnite or Impostors win if they obtain a full majority of living players, or if they make up half and at least one Crewmate role is still alive.
  • If Fortnite and Impostors ever make up equal numbers, with no Crewmate roles left alive, then Fortnite wins. Fortnite also wins if a day phase begins with one Fortnite, one Impostor, and one Crewmate.

Lads (/join)

  1. clonedcheese
  2. Leafia
  3. Whysper
  4. Tilgarial
  5. Blitz
  6. Ruri
  7. iaafr
  8. Zone_Q11
  9. PokemonKidRyan

Backup (/backup)

  1. Wisp
  2. WindwardAway
  3. GGhana
  4. Intensify

Spectator (/spec)

  1. chloe - uninformed
  2. eli- informed
  3. min -uninformed
  4. kyo- something who knows
  5. silviu - uninformed


postcaps becoming more common makes me incredibly happy


sussy imposter


missed that bit of wording





suspicious tropical rainforest minority rule: royale

Sussy baka

I’m going to assume this is basically a multiball
Which is meh
So I’ll join the replacement list

What is wotm?

wisdom of the mod

/informed spec

my prediction is that town is just going to get overwhelmed and fall over due to the ratio of town to non-town

they will probably only win if the impostors kill fortnite

(i’m guessing fortnite will include themselves in some of the nightkill lists otherwise that would be pretty sus)

I mean the imposters know that, so they should be trying to find Fortnite as well. But multiballs are a pain since anyone should be able to I ploy their town meta, which makes these games just a pain to solve.

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i also feel like if a strong player rands impostor they are gonna get fucked by the fact fortnite repeatedly puts them in the kill list but they never die

i guess you could say the say thing about normal nightkills

but i think it’s worse in this because it shows there is at least an intent to kill the strong player but it… doesn’t happen

I mean partner interactions will still exist but ya


Fortnite players trying to get those 1 million mislynches after I roll impostor and concede D1.


this is a joke and I wouldn’t do that. dont ban me