[FM] Yes, We Can’t Have Nice Things Because This Is A Clown Fiesta Sequel ENDGAME [3/22]


  • Moderator 》@Geyde and @BenShapiro and @DatBird . Send all actions to us.
  • Respect 》Don’t be a dick. If you are going to rage, try to do it in your role pm instead of in thread. If you don’t know what’s in boundaries then ask the mod.
  • Quoting 》Don’t quote any messages from outside of the main thread (moderator messages, neighborhood chats, etc).
  • Spam 》Try to limit spam and excessive fluffposting in thread.
  • Angleshooting 》Avoid this at all costs. If an action by the mod or something OOG would cause an assumption on a player’s alignment, please inform the mod.
  • Weaponizing Mod 》This is extremely punishable.
  • Cheating 》This is extremely punishable. Don’t cheat or looser
  • Alts 》 Allowed and discussion of identity is allowed. Contact @DatBird


  • Cycles 》Days are 48 hours and Nights are 24 hours. If all players post to skip the night in their role pms, I will skip the night.
  • Boxing In 》Box ins are majority + plurality. There is a d1 box in.
  • Voting 》When voting please ping the mod. Otherwise I am likely to miss it.
  • Powers/Roles 》This game is a closed game with numerous elements that may lie to you.
  • Factions 》Town, Toxic Forumers, Balance Panel, White, Black, Radical Sandwich Anarchists, Cult, Legion of Stationery, Mafia, Texans, Generic Fantasy Elves, Consequentialists, Newbieists, Angles, Democrats, Enlightened Centrists, Skills Wallets
  • Anti-Claim 》There are anticlaim mechanics.
  • Why are you reading this 》ɢeyde ɪndustries have denied any involvement with any instances of extremely frustrating concepts or ideas present in the setup.
  • Flavor 》Flavor is NAI.
  • Banana
  • Balance 》Any mechanics that have been considered extremely bastard are in fact in this setup.
  • Events 》There are events. Inactivity in events will result in terminal velocity
  • Spells 》They are in game. Get fucked.
  • ITAs 》They exist. Get fucked.


  1. an_gorta_pratai Maya Fey
  2. Arete Black Knight
  3. Icibalus Lucifer
  4. Marluxion White King
  5. Cantaloupe :joy_cat:
  6. Min Acererak
  7. Cheeki
  8. KyoDaz Matador
  9. Leafia
  10. ATNoName
  11. Blizer Jet Eriksen
  12. ElithePsycho Thomas Aquinas
  13. Emilia Confucius
  14. ClonedCheese The Remainder of Our Originality
  15. ElectraHeart Herobrine
  16. Mistyx
  17. Conduit Dante from DMC
  18. Vulgard Whatever the Fuck is up with Britain
  19. Amelia
  20. Sulit hydra
  21. Arctic Rodin
  22. Light
  23. Mot (A)
  24. Strickland_Propane (A)
  25. HonkMan (A)
  26. SpecChat (A)
  27. Jean_valJean (A)
  28. Oko, Thief of Crowns (A)
  29. Eliza (A)
  30. Banana (A)
  31. hamhamham (A)

And more?


  1. Jane
  2. Katze
  3. Eevee (maybe)
  4. Whysper
  5. YBW
  6. Derps

Spectators (semi-informed)

  1. astand
  2. Marshal
  3. Some other people


D1 Starts
Mist is a Gamer
Arete is the Black Knight
Diarhan Cast
Red Capote Cast
D1 Ends, Vulgard Skills Wallets Skills Wallets) / N1 Starts
D2 Starts, Arete Black Black Knight
ITA: Marl White Priest
ITA: ElectraHeart ERROR
JeanValJean Summoned
Emilia Stoned

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Game will start at 2021-01-07T16:00:00Z


This game, brought to you by the greatest invention this side of reality
AUDIO flavor!!!

This is the single worst thing to ever exist in the history of all terrible things to exist, with such comments by our product reviewers as



The game has NOT started.

Apologies for the wait. Game will begin as soon as Geyde is awake. The host doesn’t know how to set an alarm, apparently.

Please do not post.

Thank you.


game underway extremely shortly…

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Akodo is watching your every step, from all clans alike
Akodo is watching your every step, from all clans alike
Akodo is watching your every step, from all clans alike

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There may be future announcements during the game which may or may not have impact on the game.

Day 1 has begun and will end at 2021-01-09T17:41:00Z or if majority (12) is reached

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Day 1 has started!

first after day start

/vote Amelia

Amelia has 1 post

They are in their wolf meta

Caught scum dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu dybu dabu

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oh god damn it

anyway I’m busy hearing political talk in english class


arete once again keeps up their reputation of having high-quality wallposts from the very getgo



Also Geyde:



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shit u rite

/vote Amelia

quick question to everyone

tf are dollars?

an abstraction, property is an illusion, return to diogenes

Someone post the image, I’m on mobile