FoL Awards 2021 - Nominations Thread


Nominating eevee for best mechanic in Quantum Mafia.
That bot design would’ve taken… a long time.
And it’s incredibly innovative

Nominating Leafia for funniest moment after nightposting they weren’t confirmed scum but had already been lynched as scum


I nominate Danganronpa 3 - Despair on the Ramparts hosted by @Apprentice and @Jane / @Icibalus and @Arete for Best Misc (Legacy)

We all knew this was coming. DR3 was a very enjoyable & memorable misc , and although part of that comes with being a DR, it still holds true, even among the Less Enjoyable :tm: parts. The final mystery was a very good concept. Although they didn’t solve it in the end, it’s very cool to have to solve a murder the Mastermind had committed before the game even started. The map was well-designed as well; only having 2 floors until the very end, and the 3rd floor being smol, was actually probably a good design decision. Overall, well-designed and enjoyable (for the period that I played, at the very least)

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this was in 2020


omg my sense of time is so behind


I also nominate Danganronpa 5: Mirrored Embers for Best Misc
Most of this game was played in PMs, but you can access those through the Spec Discord with a bit of effort.

The great hosting, enticing lore, interesting mechanics, and top notch playerlist all culminated to create a game that several players outright didn’t want to kill as it’d mean they would have to stop playing the game sooner.

I could go on for hours about how many of the players simply wanted to hear more of the lore written, or how the unique ideas from the hosts allowed for a much more diverse experience from the previous forum danganronpa miscs… hell, even how the players themselves increased the quality of the game by adding their own roleplaying elements to it.

But I don’t really think I need to. I honestly think it all speaks for itself. I’m also lazy.

I will, however, note that the hosts worked with, and bounced off of the player’s roleplay and created backstories. This is most prevalent in the epilogue, but throughout the entire game there were traces of backstory created to reinforce what a player had said; this itself is most obvious in Trochilidae’s backstory, which he created quite a bit of on his own. And they did this all seamlessly, which is no small feat.

im also going to start doing 1 nom per post becasue i write a lot


I second this nomination. I was in this game and going against Eevee in the end there and was so fooled. :slight_smile:

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Just for the record, though, I would have seconded this if it was eligible. :slight_smile:


(Man I don’t wanna clog up thread so I’ll post this once but wow thank you, I know a lot of people congratulated me on my play that game but seeing myself get nominated and this really made my day (which has been awful) much better! tysm Chloe, ily, stuff like this encourages me to make more bold moves and to not sit back and be scared to do anything slightly risky^^)


I second this nomination


I would like to nominate Chloe for shooting a T/T thunderdome in vig10er, which lead to Marl sending all of his spiritual power to the rest of the town, which made town untree and start beating the crap out of scum with the power of dead deathtunnel villager and friendship

I also second this one… or uhh I guess I third this one… technically.

Min baited the scum kill towards them, pretty good stuff

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Please specify in your post what award you’re nominating her for

Best use of PR sorry mb.

Pretty sure shooting the T/T thunderdome actually helped village a lot

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I’ll be Nominating @Firekitten and @orangeandblack5 for Legacy Best Scum Performance (Group) for 2d3.

One of the most dominant scum victories i’ve seen in all of the games i’ve hosted. Even with the entire playerlist’s WIM skyhigh from the potential prize of a custom title (back when that was a thing), Orange and FK had near complete control over the conversation in-thread and crushed the town with 0 dead scum at the endgame. The performance was so solid that I ended up giving both FK and Orange a title postgame due to both of their strong performances. (Also, the MVP vote tied!)


I’ll also be nominating @psychoneirik for Best Legacy Setup for Ritual Mafia 2.

It was a heavily FOL Inspired rolemadness game that took inspiration from both FoL and Purgatory. The setup clearly had a lot of thought and effort put into it’s design. I was very sad to die n1 because the setup looked so neat. :pensive:


I will second this nomination

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(This wasn’t in 2021!)

I second this nomination


I’ll also be nominating @astand and Umineko FM 2 for Best Setup.

In addition to being a well balanced setup, the rolecards were absolutely gorgeous with a ton of effort put into them. The design of the roles were extremely well done. The bastard twist (which i embarrassingly didn’t see coming) was also executed well and punished town for being overly reliant on mechanical clears.