FoL Awards 2021 - Nominations Thread

I second this nomination

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I second this nomination!

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I fourth this nomination.

If I’m eligible, I third this nomination

Alwards only need a second you dorks!

I would also like to nominate Intensify for best misc gameplay in Blood on the Forums VI: Monsta Jam (Rerolled due to integrity breach) (yes, that’s right, the rerolled one). While I was very clearly angry, he played extremely well and in the reroll, he outlined what his future plans would have been if he hadn’t won already

Guys chill with the memes.
This thread will go for whole 2021 year, there is no need to throw random nominations and memes in it.
Instaed I suggest for everyone to have one post and just edit it.

eevee’s nominations will be here:

  • Best Town Perfomance - Single Player (small game):
  • Best Town Performance - Single Player (large game):
  • Best Scum Perfomance - Single Player (small game):
  • Best Scum Performance - Single Player (large game):
  • Best Neutral/Third Party Performance:
  • Best Misc Performance:
  • Best Use of a Power Role:
  • Best Mechanical/Strategical Player:
  • Best Replacement Player: SirDerpsALot
  • Rookie-of-the-Year:
  • Most Improved Player:
  • Most Dedicated/Enjoyable/Enthusiastic Player:
  • Best Team Player: Mantichora
  • Best Misc Player:
  • Best Town Player:
  • Best Scum Player:
  • Best All-Around Player:
  • Best Town Performance, Group (Small Game):
  • Best Town Performance, Group (Large Game):
  • Best Scum Performance, Group (Small Game):
  • Best Scum Performance, Group (Large Game):
  • Best Host:
  • Best Flavor:
  • Best Setup:
  • Best Misc:
  • Best Role/Mechanic:
  • Funniest Moment:
  • Best Fakeclaim:
  • Community MVP:
  • Legacy Best Town Performance (Individual):
  • Legacy Best Scum/Neutral Performance (Individual):
  • Legacy Best Town Performance (Group):
  • Legacy Best Scum Performance (Group):
  • Legacy Best Setup: Overwatch FM
  • Legacy Best Misc: Behind the Masks

throwing your legacy ones in now is recommended imo.

Seconding. The Lying Darkness might be a meme, but it’s status as one was entirely due to how Wazza utilized the role and manipulated a large portion of players to do her bidding. Really solid gameplay.

Seconding this as well. Umineko 2 (as well as the original Umineko FM) was a very unique and fun setup. You can tell how much work he put into making sure it was fair, balanced, and enjoyable. There were red herrings like firefighters without an arsonist, quirks such as rolecard colors not being alignment indicative, and proof of a whole lot of love being poured into the creation of this game.


vt pest was hilariously amazing too


I nominate @Icibalus for Best Host in Various Different Games

Oh fuck

Honestly not the Fire/Orange game I would have expected to get nominated for first, but it was a good one too!

Here’s a good quote from LyLo:

This part I second

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Also this

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/nominate Eevee

You know the rules, and so do I

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I nominate @Marluxion for Most Dedicated/Enjoyable/Enthusiastic Player.

Most Dedicated/Enjoyable/Enthusiastic Player: For a player who is dedicated, enthusiastic, and enjoyable to play with, even when the game is going poorly.

Marl consistently brings passion to the game, even when his reads are incorrect. Furthermore, since rejoining the site, he has played in literally every FM game that has run. In those games, he has brought high WiM, regardless of his alignment or the situation of the game. Even when his team is doing poorly, he hasn’t given up (e.g. in EFoL 4.75, when his team missed the N1 convert, or Quantum Mafia, where he made it to 7 player LyLo as a villager).


Fastest second in the west :cowboy_hat_face:

thanks for doing the writing for me



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